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You Will All Fade Away

You Will All Fade Away


~ The Belated

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FORMED: 2005 "Music should transport us and clarify the things in our lives that we cannot see very well. It's more than a soundtrack for a fashion statement, whether that pertains to clothes, hair, attitudes, or personas. Our lives are fraught with doubt, insincerity, and does not lie." Centering around the songwriting collaborative of Michael Richardson (guitar/vocals) and Jason Ulanet (bass/keys), The Belated passionately believe in the above statements. The band released their debut EP in June of 2006, and followed that up with their self-produced full-length 'You Will All Fade Away' in April 2007. Exhibiting a sincere and passionate set of moody ethereal ballads, subversive indie rock cacophonies, and an unbridled epic sensibility, The Belated have become the culmination of their diverse influences, from Radiohead and Jeff Buckley to The Pixies and Archers of Loaf, Smashing Pumpkins and Soundgarden to Nick Cave and Roy Orbison, Muse to The Jam. Ulanet, a radio veteran from New Jersey, relocated to Kansas City in 2003 to pursue an opportunity at a local modern rock radio station. Richardson arrived in KC the following year, and immediately began looking for individuals to fill out his musical vision. Having formed many bands over the years throughout the country, Richardson was searching for a virtuoso that could help focus the rawness of his epic/passionate songwriting style. 'I was poking around the radio station's website, after hearing the afternoon DJ speak very highly of Radiohead, The Pixies, and Soundgarden. I could easily tell this guy knew a hell of a lot more about the inner mechanics and emotions of music than your average on-air personality. After reading that 3 of his favorite songs of all time ("Lover You Should Have Come Over", "Exit Music", and "Life on Mars?") happened to be the pinnacle performances from MY top 3 favorite artists, I figured I should meet this guy and see if he was the real deal. I decided that he was....' Along with drummer Ryan Sartin, The Belated quickly worked up a solid set of music, and has been honing their live show intensely ever since. In spring of 2006, the band entered Black Lodge Recording to start work on their debut CD. With 6 songs recorded by May, the band decided to release three of the songs (Sweet, Glorious, and One in a Million) as their demo/ep. In support of that EP, they performed 20+ shows over the next 5 months, and quickly earned a reputation as one of the best new live acts in the Kansas City area. "I have a dream of musicians and artists truly and honestly supporting each other in a positive manner. I could never understand why bands at the grassroots level could tear each other apart and create such a sense of competition, when it's obvious to me that you should do the opposite." In the fall of 2006, the band finished up their full-length debut with Chris Cosgrove at Low Key Studios. Mixing was completed in early 2007 and sent off to be Mastered by Michael Fossenkemper (TurtleTone). 'You Will All Fade Away' is a diverse collection of 10 well-crafted, timeless statements, each song bearing the distinctive tone The Belated brings, no matter what end of the stylistic spectrum the song inhabits. 'Songs need to paint a picture and evoke an emotion or image from the listener. Every note should serve a purpose, whether it's to create or release tension, provide contrast, to cast other notes or chords in a different light, or simply project you into another orbit. If I don't see flashing lights, colors, and images in my mind, then I'm not properly expressing the emotion of that particular song.' Currently, The Belated encompasses a busy schedule of promoting their CD, finishing up new material for their sophomore release in late 2007, and constantly playing gigs around the metropolitan areas of the Kansas City. The Belated are ready to take things to the next level...

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Artist: The Belated
Title: You Will All Fade Away
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 5/1/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637219757
UPC: 837101329101
Item #: CDBY29101
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