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Hero Within

Hero Within


~ Belfry

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Product Notes

As far as we know, Belfry is the first 'internet band.' We met on the net, literally. Much of our music started out as 'signature themes' for web sites, and grew into the full vocal versions presented here. Most of the group met face to face for the first time to record at Talent 'Live' Studios in Canton, Michigan. Even though we list our composer's site as our home state, our real home is cyberspace, with many states involved across space and time zones. We come from Georgia, California, Texas, Florida, Hawaii, Michigan, and even include an international fan club president in Norway. All of us who comprise Belfry feel we've been blessed and lucky beyond measure, not only with our music and the response it has invoked, but also with knowing each other on and off the net. As one of our singers said, 'The Net creates lifelong friendships. People who aren't on it can't understand how positive it is.' None of us would trade one minute of all the work and the worries, the frolic and the fun. We went in with love and hope, we came back with both increased tenfold. Like our band itself, our music is eclectic, representing the many sides of real life: hope, faith, laughter, sorrow, despair, and triumph. It soothes, rocks, sings the blues, whispers dreams. It is no genre and all genres, the same way people are, the same way living is. If you find voices in our music that speak to your heart, we could want nothing more. We wish you joy, love, and music, for that is what Belfry is all about. *************** Ladies first and foremost: The lovely blending harmonies of Belfry are created by three equally lovely singers. Nadia takes the lead on most of the selections, using her rich alto voice to underscore the mood, whether romantic, melancholic, or nostalgic. Frequently compared to Stevie Nicks,although she denies the vocal resemblance, and occasionally Emmy Lou Harris and Sheryl Crow, Nadia ranges from performing rock in trendy coffee houses to the only female artist at a Beatles tribute. Her eclectic spirit matches Belfry completely. Our 'glorious angel voice' that soars on The Hero Within, wafts though Caravans of Time, and provides complex harmonies throughout belongs to Amy St.Claire. Amy is a classically trained vocalist blessed with a several octave range, which she uses skillfully to showcase not only herself, but the artists who are proud to work with her. Also the possessor of a wicked sense of humor, Amy claims to be a reclusive shut-in with a fear of cameras who makes a game out of seeing how long she can keep people from realizing she can really sing. Ms. St. Claire required extensive bribes of Belgian chocolate hazelnut hedgehogs to appear in the band photographs. She is now looking forward to our next production, but will not admit to this. Tracey Madison purrs her way through the bluesy sounds of Hiding Places and Low Down Prowlin' Blues with easy grace and humor. Known in a number of trendy Michigan clubs for her rock/country/blues sounds, Tracey is as at home on the stage as in a sound studio, and has accumulated a following for her dancing as well as her singing. She rounds out the Belfry trio to perfection. *********** Yes, we're Belfry, but why such a name? The Belfry of the historic cathedral of Rostov-on-Don in the Ukraine contains a carillon of a dozen bells, forged in different parts of Imperial Russia over several centuries. Despite the vast differences in times and places of manufacture, and the wide range of sizes, the tones of the bells blend clearly and perfectly. Marking the hours in the gracious city that is called the 'Gateway to all Russia,' the bells remain true toned throughout storms and sun. Ringing over the snow covered landscapes and the wide river,they sound bright harmonies into dawn and dusk. This symbol of melodious blending seemed a perfect name for a group brought together across time zones and space by the harmonies they first found in cyberspace. ************* The Press has had some nice things to say about us also: 'Belfry isn't your ordinary band...It came to life on the Internet and has fans as far away on the information Super Highway as Norway...The group met face to face for the first time to record at Talent 'Live' Studios in Canton, Michigan. May's music is very upbeat, Alternative Pop/New Age that doesn't tinkle. If the current interest in the band remains and grows, a second CD is in the works, but if it doesn't happen, the band is still happy: 'We've finally become real-time friends. The rest of this is icing on the cake.' '---Canton Eyewitness--- 'Belfry isn't your ordinary group, and their music defies easy categorization. It's city-sounding music; sophisticated, dreamy, but not sleepy. It's sure to please fans of all ages who like a mellow sound that doesn't bore.' ---Stockton Record--- 'It's good to see Rick Young, formerly of Teezer, break new ground again as a producer/engineer. His latest project is the first internet band, an Alternative Pop/Country group called Belfry. The band has a unique sound, and Talent 'Live' has high hopes for them. We wish them the very best and welcome Rick back to the Edge.'---Detroit News/Free Press--- Oh, yes, and one last note: 'I'm dumbfounded. They're good. I thought they were going to be a bunch of crapola--sort of an Internet jam session. But the music, the vocals, the words, everything just fits. They're really, really good.'--Michigan Community Newspapers reporter who would rather we didn't name him, but who gave all of us a good chuckle!---.

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Artist: Belfry
Title: Hero Within
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 4/30/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637219787
UPC: 656613738825
Item #: SRD373882
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