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Worn Legs

Worn Legs


~ Ben Martin

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Product Notes

»Mabye being born in the fall is the reason why I love to write and play melancholic music. Or maybe it's because my dad, my uncle and my grandfather used to listen to the Pat Metheny Group and other ECM artists a lot when I was a little kid. 'Worn Legs' doesn't sound like Pat Metheny though. It sounds like me. All my influences - be it Joni Mitchell, John McLaughlin, Michael Jackson, The Beatles, Ryan Adams, Jimi Hendrix, Eric Clapton, Frank Zappa, Ralph Towner, Tom Waits - were distilled through me as a person and now came out as this album. When I wrote these songs, a lot of fears where bugging me and needed to be talked about. Mostly at that point, that's when I sit down and write a song. And out came 'Take Me Home', 'Sunday Mourning', 'Secret' or 'Face The Day. Not always as obvious to the listener, but when you read between the lines, you'll get the picture. On the other hand, I felt the need to express my respect to those who were able to walk right through their angst and keep smiling. 'When I Walk I See Smiles' and 'Who Do You Think You Are Talking To' are amongst those songs to take a bow. 'Worn Legs' is my fourth album as a solo artist. Each time I decide to do another album, I try to challenge myself and get closer to the images in my head. With this album, I feel like I've come the closest so far, both in terms of songwriting and performance. I've grown as a singer, I've managed to show a little more of who I am as a guitar player and my production skills have developed, too. But what's most important to me is to portray emotions, to make my listeners and myself connect with the mood of the songs and lyrics. So please take a seat and let me introduce you to my world.«.

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Artist: Ben Martin
Title: Worn Legs
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 12/11/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637220526
UPC: 9006472009788
Item #: SRD720097
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