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~ Ben Nielsen

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Born in Kamloops, B.C., Canada in 1982, Ben Nielsen was raised by his fond, music loving parents. Ben began piano lessons at the age of 7 and continued with a concentration in Jazz and Boogie-Woogie until those early, rebellious, teen years. Throughout high school Ben explored many facets of teenage life including: girls, sports, drugs, alcohol, knowledge and music! Coming from a gene-gifted musical family, Ben found great interest in the genres of his mother, father, and older sister- not to mention his peers. This included musical tastes from greats such as: James Taylor, CSNY and The Beatles to the likes of: U2, The Pixies, and MegeDeth. His mother, Judy, came from a very strong musical background of an accomplished Jazz Guitarist Brother and a professional Trumpet playing Father- whom was once asked to join Louis Armstrong's band. His father, Gary, also born and raised in Salt Lake City, Utah, took solace in music at an early age and taught himself guitar during the influential movement of the 60's. The times they were a change'n... and after meeting the girl of his dreams in a record shop, a service in the U.S. military and an episode in San Fransisco, Gary brought his wife, to be, to Vancouver in 1969. It is this background and upbringing that sub-consciously implanted the desire for Ben to express his life through music. After finding his way through High School, Ben quickly enrolled in University. His first year at the University College of the Cariboo turned out to be one of his biggest learning curves to date. Focusing more on soccer than his scholarship-funded studies, Ben found himself in an easy, party-life, atmosphere.... until his mother died. Her sudden heart attack in January of 2002 enforced his hatred for cigarettes and instigated his battle with addictions. This may have been the catalyst for change at that time, but it was only the beginning of long road that continues to be paved. Soon after, he moved to Lake Louise, Alberta, to find his misplaced direction and new experiences. It was there that he was introduced to the likes of John Mayer, Dave Matthews, Ben Harper, and Jack Johnson. It was there that he bought his first guitar! In his time-off from serving and bartending, he spent his days teaching himself guitar- through the sheer love and passion for the instrument. After returning home a year later, Ben found himself more lost than ever. He enrolled back in school and, despite a chronic lower back injury, trained heavily with a local elite-soccer team that was preparing for a trip to Europe in the summer of 2004. Before leaving, Ben was given Cortisone shots for his gruelling back pain and after many other alternative medicines; he was finally introduced to Bikram Yoga. Now, yoga is an essential staple of Ben's life. With guitar in hand, Ben said farewell to his homeward-bound soccer team and independently began his back-packing adventures of Western Europe. During that time he kept a daily journal that eventually lead to ideas and song titles for his first "home-made" album. This album was dubbed "The Laundry Room Sessions". Most of the songs on this first album were written from experiences in Europe, as well as, the 2-year relationship he had left behind, before-hand. So, upon his return to Kamloops, he moved in with an old friend and plugged himself away in the laundry room. This was a great time for escape for Ben, not just the laundry room, but the period of relationships. His best friend, and roommate, soon found themselves travelling to Hawaii with two beautiful women that remained their girlfriends for the next couple of years. In those years, Ben went through some extreme highs and devastating lows. While living with his girlfriend, he, again, returned to school to play soccer and study paramedics. In hopes of attaining a good-paying job, while studying his paramedics, Ben sailed through a dispatch course that would lead him to Calgary, Alberta. The inevitable long-distance break-up soon ensued and Ben, once again, found himself clinging to his guitar for his own sanity. Time seemed to stand still in the darkness and stress of alcohol, reflection, and sadness. But that period brought out the demons in Ben... only to now find him in a happier place called: LIFE! The songs on Ellipsis are somewhat of a cumulative collection of all Ben's years as a guitarist singer/songwriter, but they do mostly reflect a relationship and all of the bottled emotions that came before, during, and after it. Now, Ben is focusing more his own life and his role in society. Living everyday as a blessing: to meet a new person, hear a new idea, and find another piece. "What can we do to make this world a better place?" Thank-you for listening. Enjoy! Ben Nielsen.

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Artist: Ben Nielsen
Title: Ellipsis
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/3/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637220601
UPC: 875531003406
Item #: CDBY100340
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