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Goodbye Pretty Girl

Goodbye Pretty Girl


~ Ben Sures

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Ben Sures is the Session 1 Grand Prize winner in the folk category of the John Lennon songwriting contest.He has been touring Canada for ten years, under the wire and out of the way-house concerts small festivals.He has been featured regularly on many national radio programs on CBC (Canada's version of NPR) He is a delightful singer, songwriter and performer. Here are a couple of Reviews: NEW SOUNDS - May 19, 2003 by VUE STAFF Ben Sures Goodbye Pretty Girl (independent) Ben Sures is perhaps the greatest gift Winnipeg has ever bestowed upon Edmonton. In the past few years, the rootsy singer/songwriter has raised the bar for his local contemporaries by effortlessly intertwining lilting melodies with sharp, evocative lyricism that combines folk, blues and a bit of pop he's an ingratiating, iconoclastic storyteller. On Goodbye Pretty Girl, the familiar themes of longing hearts and lonely souls are present, yet Sures delivers these 10 songs with a greater sophistication than he's ever revealed before. Under the guiding hand of co-producer Mike Lent, Sures sounds playful and assured, whether he's singing the kind of junkyard blues you wish Tom Waits were still making (Holes) or etching a tangible portrait of introspection (Water). Perhaps the weakest link in Sures's otherwise genius creation is the melodramatic 'No One Understands,' which falls back on unsurprising singer/songwriter canon fodder, albeit dressed in competent musicianship. Happily, the rest of the album is ridiculously entertaining and inspired and should either launch Sures to a deserved audience beyond our local field, or inspire Winnipeg to reclaim it's prodigal son. FOUR STARS Dave Johnston Exclaim Magazine! If Ben Sures was a beverage you can bet he'd have some stiff spirit to sneak up on you (gin perhaps) something aromatic and fortified (vermouth) and a finishing sweetness (sherry?). And like a good martini, Goodbye Pretty Girl deserves to be savoured, not devoured. Sures's depth as a songwriter is, to borrow one of his song titles, clear as a bell. The sing-song lilt he employs on tracks like 'Maybe' and 'Any Precious Girl' draw the ear like fish to a hook. But not satisfied to merely bait his audience, Sures is a varied writer upping the bar with each track and exploring everything from ramshackle peephole beat blues ('Holes') to epic transcendent anthems to failure ('Falling'). With Goodbye Pretty Girl Sures's name is sure to become as commonplace in the rest of the country as it all ready is in the west. By Brent Hagerman, Exclaim Magazine! September 05, 2003.

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Artist: Ben Sures
Title: Goodbye Pretty Girl
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 12/2/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637220800
UPC: 676868125720
Item #: SRD812572
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