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Summer's Kiss

Summer's Kiss


~ Benjamin E. Rios

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Product Notes

Just like the warm sun rising in the spring, Benjamin E. Rios is creating more music for all to enjoy! This latest masterpiece is a compilation of songs from various styles that he truly appreciates. This album breeds strong emotion of peace and tranquility. There are a few wildly fun numbers in it as well. So sit back and listen to the creativity if this fine Guitarist/Songwriter. Thank you for your purchase! 1-Summer's Kiss: 'The newness of a relationship, the beauty of a mild summer day, with the summer's warm wind gracing us. Nothing else matters but the Kiss' 2-Coffee on the Beach: 'Waking up before everyone else, grabbing that nice warm cup of awakeness. Scurrying out to that nice cozy place on the beach. Watching the waves crash over the calm lifeless sand. The sun beginning to rise over the horizon. Thinking about life and what is in store for the uncertain future. Just listen to the waves and the seagulls starting to join in' 3-Say Damn!: 'A tribute to the Late Great Stevie Ray Vaughn.' 4-Time Does Heal: 'All the pain in life may seem endless and extreme. As days go by, time just has a way of freeing our hearts and minds to feel and love again. Time truly does heal' 5-Tropical Dreams: 'Ok, pina collada? Check! Nice warm tropical surroundings? Check! White sands? Check!, start dreaming...' 6-I Do Know You: 'When your kids say those words to you, You just don't know me! Little do they know just how in depth we can truly see what is on in their confused little minds' 7-Water Skiing In The Rain: 'The day starts out as a calm Monday summer morning. No other boats in sight. As the skis are brought out and the rope is untangled. The anticipation of flying through the slick glass like water. By the time you are in place, skis facing up, the rope extending out to the boat. The clouds roll in and the warm summer rain begins. After all that work, do you go back in and give up? Hell No! You tell the driver, FLOOR IT!! The skis make a smooth sound as the rain somehow softens the water from the drops. The feeling of the summer drops hitting your face as you are in the hard right turn in the power ski! Exhilirating! I recommend it at least once in life!' 8-Area 51: 'What the hell do they really have in that desert facility anyway?! Ha,ha!' 9-Caged Lion: 'Trapped in a place that seems hopeless. Knowing that you are a charging lion at heart. Stopped from being who you are and doing what you know best. Makes you wonder how a caged wild lion may feel. Stiring about, looking out past the bars of his captivity. Waiting for the chance to escape. Once the lion in us is freed, imagine the possibilities!' 10-Life In Motion: 'No matter what you do, no matter who you are. Life is just moving at lightning speed. With us in it. Ever just say on a Friday, Man, this week flew by! My friend that is Life In Motion' 11-Lazy Daze: 'Warm summer day sitting by the lake, no care in the world. It is summer vacation. Thinking about what to do today. Oh hell, just pass me another beer!' 12-Dad's Ride: 'Just remembering the stories of the infamous 1956 Mercury Monteclair Convertible. Tearing up the Texas roads. Imagining what must be playing on the radio at the time the tires break loose, the engine screams, he shifts through the gears and is laughing as he sees the car next to him slowly enter his rear view mirror. I wonder if he knows at this time, I will write this song about him. I love you Dad!' 13-Electric: 'When I asked my beautiful woman what she thought of this song and she said. It sounds Electric...There you have it!,..ha,ha' 14-Little Feets: 'Ok, we all had them once. Running through the house, the sounds of those little bare feets! Are brought back to life with our children and the children of our relatives. Just brings back memories of those days of the past. You can hear the the lamp break in the middle of the song. Mom coming around the corner, hurry up and clean it up and run. The little one of the family on the couch watching and laughing begins to join in as the music breaks down. Oh no, there goes the littless feets of all!' Thank you so much for your purchase. I hope you enjoy listening to this album as much as I enjoyed writing and playing these songs! God Bless! B.E.R.

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    Title: Summer's Kiss
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 5/23/2006
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637221051
    UPC: 634479317040
    Item #: CDBY931704
    This product is a special order