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Live at the Point

Live at the Point


~ Bet Williams

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Product Notes

Bet has always been at her very best in front of a live audience. \'Live At The Point\' comes from 2 phenomenal sold out shows at Philadelphia\'s legendary \'Main Point\'. Bet gets to dig into the blues and let's loose with several covers not heard on any of her other records. An absolute must for Bet Williams fans! As anyone who has seen her live can attest, Bet Williams is a fearless vocalist and performer. Her four-octave-range voice has mesmerized audiences across America and Europe astounding them with what SING OUT! Magazine calls \'the sheer beauty of her instrument and the passion with which she sings." Armed with raw emotion, an acoustic guitar and a startling honesty, Williams\' music blends earthy folk, rock, pop and roots rhythms with smart lyrics and infectious hooks. With a gift for storytelling and spontaneous humor, her stage performances go from searching confessional to Chaplinesque pantomime at times bordering on performance art. As an army brat, Bet was born in Virginia and raised in Germany and throughout the United States. She grew up with a heady brew of music, theater, travel and academia. Her mother was a piano teacher and organist while her father was a military judge advocate and university professor who directed musicals on the side! As a child Bet was frequently enlisted for roles in her father\'s staged musicals playing everything from the balloon girl in "Gypsy" to the young Kurt in "The Sound of Music". After high school Bet studied classical music, voice and theater at college before settling on an English Literature major. She grabbed a poetry degree at Penn State, and began performing in a series of wildly original bands such as "Ticapoo Brain", "The Shaggy Dogs" and "Righteous Ethel". After various band incarnations fell apart, Bet went off to live and work on an organic farm and began to re-invent herself and her music. What emerged was a more mature and introspective songwriter and performer who was still capable of tapping into the surreal theatrics of her early performance experiences. In the early 90\'s Bet hit the road with her first CD (a cassette actually) and a burning desire to communicate her new material. With a disdain for conventional music industry shenanigans, Bet shunned "the business" and focused on performing and writing while developing her passionately committed cult following. Along with John Hodian, Bet founded Epiphany Records as a vehicle to release recordings in a variety of musical genre. Bet lives in New York City with her composer husband and toddler son. "It\'s great to live in a city like New York because it puts you in close touch with people from everywhere," she laughs. "You\'re constantly reminded that there are a lot of us on the planet so we\'d better learn how to get along!"

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Artist: Bet Williams
Title: Live at the Point
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 7/1/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637221921
UPC: 733534000627
Item #: 142217X
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