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Time for Relaxation 1: Guided Relaxation

Time for Relaxation 1: Guided Relaxation


~ Beth Freschi

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Product Notes

Everyone could use a break from the hurry and stress of life. This guided relaxation training recording features four pleasant, effective relaxation techniques to calm the mind and body: Breathing Awareness of Body Relaxation Guided Imagery Loving Kindness Meditation Beth Freschi's calming voice will guide you through the relaxation techniques, while the beautiful music of composer Nathan Schilz provides a wonderful atmosphere for your relaxation experience. This relaxation training recording is a great resource for people who would like to: sleep better manage stress and anxiety ease muscle tension quiet the chatter of the mind enhance creativity feel more balanced and focused take a refreshing break This CD is meant for deep relaxation, so please don't drive while listening. Enjoy it at home when you can really kick back and relax! 'A Time for Relaxation' is recommended by Body + Soul magazine, Woman's World, Oxygen, and Minnesota Monthly voted Beth Freschi Best Guided Relaxation in the 2011 Best of the Cities issue! Beth Freschi is a life coach with a masters degree in counseling psychology and more than 15 years of experience in mental health. In addition to coaching, she offers relaxation training classes in the Twin Cities metro area of Minnesota. Her clients inspired her to record relaxation training CDs so that they could have the same relaxing experience at home. You can listen to samples of all tracks to help you decide if this is the right relaxation CD for you. Praise for 'A Time for Relaxation, Vol. 1' 'I purchased your CD via iTunes help me relax during this volatile and crazy time in the world and in the economy. I listened to quite a few voices on the iTunes list of relaxation CD's, including PhD psychologists, etc.. Your voice instantly soothed me and thus my selection of yours. My husband and I listened to it last night, he fell asleep, and I went into a profound state of relaxation and meditation. It was terrific. It continued for 10 minutes after your CD finished so that was really significant. thank you for a great CD!' Mady Goldstein, NYC 'I think you have a stunning voice and your CD is the best of it's type that I have ever heard! You deserve to have great success with this and I am sure that when people have heard it they will want to buy all your future efforts. I've been in the world of Hypnotherapy for almost 20 years and in my opinion, you are a STAR!' Terence Watts, MCGI Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine England 'Beth Freschi has helped many individuals at our workplace find relaxation and rejuvenation through her muscle relaxation and meditation sessions. We were very happy to see this CD come out. Beth has a peaceful demeanor, and her soothing voice and techniques can really help each of us relieve tension. The Department of Transportation has invited Beth to join us for a few years, and employees from other agencies have also shown interest in her sessions. Beth has discovered these practices have worked for her on a personal level, and the CD is a way to share her techniques with many more people. If you would like an effective relaxation CD, I encourage you to buy this one.' Sincerely, Amy Krause Reader Health and Wellness Coordinator Minnesota Department of Transportation 'I really like your CD. I listen to it at bedtime more often than not. Your voice is SO soothing! It was definitely worth the money!' R.Z., Roseville, MN 'When I listened to your CD, I felt like I was taken to a place of peace and tranquility. You have an angelic voice, and I love the music!' J.J.F., St. Paul, MN 'My clients really enjoy this CD, especially the Loving Kindness Meditation. Sometimes people need to go inward and find that peaceful place...' H.D., Massage Therapist, Twin Cities Important: please do not listen to this deeply relaxing CD while driving-enjoy it at home!

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Artist: Beth Freschi
Title: Time for Relaxation 1: Guided Relaxation
Genre: New Age
Release Date: 8/21/2012
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637221580
UPC: 707541083096
Item #: 160359X


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