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Tha Untold

Tha Untold


~ Betta Half

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Betta Half - Tha Untold Who is Betta Half? Roy Antonio and Dizzy, a rap duo affiliated with Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route. What is Slow Motion Soundz/Paper Route? The best thing coming out of Alabama right now. Where is Alabama? Who knows, somewhere in the South. What's with all the questions? I've seen people compare Slow Motion Soundz to some late 90's No Limit production, but that's not a true reflection of Tha Untold. For starters, this is a complete album, with well rounded songs and no filler. 'Flickin' and 'Toe Up' are alcoholic anthems, 'Hard Times' deals with the circumstances that lead to the grind, 'Fly Away' and 'Moma' are sincere family songs, and 'My Turf' is a posse cut featuring resident Slow Mo beast S.T. (of G-Side). The album has subtle variety, without any of the songs sounding forced. These two have a similar chemistry as YoungBloodz, Jim Crow, and other Southern groups with a heavy UGK/8Ball & MJG influence. Tha Untold is one of those albums that can only be made at this stage of a group's career. Betta Half has been around long to enough to sound confident, professional, and natural in the studio, but they're still relatively unknown, hungry, and write songs with a down-to-earth mentality. There's a definitive vibe of two young guys from Anyhood, USA, rapping about their everyday lives with no outlandish fronts or hubris. Every track is executed well, and the album flows together better than most releases this year. If you like Southern hip-hop but don't enjoy dancing in circles of males, this is a serious treat. Betta Half's blend of life experiences, fluid raps and trunk rattling beats are a critical part of Huntsville, Alabama's wing of the hip-hop rising force. Their main focus is to take rap music to a whole new level while at the same time putting Alabama on the map. Southern hip-hop in bold, innovative new directions: less reliance on aggression, more positivity and melody, and intricate lyrics. After Dizzy and Roy Antonio's single 'Me Be Me' recieved heavy rotation on a local radio station, 103.1 WEUP, the duo knew that they were on to something and soon released their debut album, 'The Silence Before the Storm' which contained 17 artistic tracks. In 2000 Derrick Pelt (Dizzy) & Roy Hampton (Roy Antonio) met through a mutual friend and they soon realized their passion to do music. They often freestyled at parties or anywhere there wasa crowd to be entertained. Their musical journey was delayed when Dizzy was deployed to Iraq one year, but they never lost the drive to be successful. Roy Antonio continued with the quest and formed the group, 'Royale Defleet'. The group was unsuccessful but the vision stayed firm and upon Dizzy's return in March 2005, they formed their own group 'Betta Half'. The name symbolizes the idea of being the better half, continuing to be positive and true to themselves. Since March 2005 the group has shown their determination for success by already recording 40+ tracks. While collaborating with various artists throughout the Huntsville area such as Money Addict, Jhi Ali, Mali Boi, C.G., Judeboi and Slow Motion Soundz the group's objective is to continue working on their second album, putting a twist on the music industy and to become positive role models for the youth by writing and recording music that will impact and inspire their lives.

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Artist: Betta Half
Title: Tha Untold
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 1/1/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637221728
UPC: 884502016758
Item #: 1202238X
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