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International House

International House


~ Big Green

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Product Notes

Big Green\'s story spans the eons, defying all notion of what is possible or even desirable in the realm of pop music mythology. It begins with an entirely insignificant pool of brownish muck somewhere in the southern hemisphere of the young earth. Well, it seems that sometime around when the continents of Africa and South America were a stone\'s throw apart, the more ambulatory elements of the pond\'s murky contents decided to hop over to the western shore of the new Atlantic Ocean, then only a bit wider than an Olympic-sized swimming pool. The sun shone darkly above the ancient world for another meaningless stretch of centuries...until one day, the dull and haggard members of the group Big Green rose to the surface of the puddle and crawled out onto dry land for the first time. The new world was full of dangers, and they were sore amazed...particularly by the rather statuesque stands of deciduous angiosperm, about which the primordial Matt aptly remarked, \'Hmmm...Big green hair. Bark suits.\' It was their towering moment. Ahem... where was I? Ah, yes. Big Green played in upstate New York venues during the late 1980s through early \'90s, then took a long hiatus from performing. The band released a number of short-run cassette albums during that time, some now prized collector\'s items amongst diehard (and nameless) listeners. A bit later, in 1999, Big Green released their first album, \'2000 Years To Christmas\', which Ann Powers of eMusic Magazine described thus: \'2000 Years to Christmas, Big Green\'s first full-length release, features lyrics reminiscent of the morbid genius Edward Gorey (featuring pagan sacrifice, dancing skeletons, and wacky prophecies) and rococco rock arrangements Frank Zappa would have admired. Joe Perry sings as if he were a character from Dickens while demented choirs back him up. The whole affair is as frightening yet oddly attractive as mincemeat pie.\' In 2002, Big Green released the Live EP \'Live From Neptune\', selections of which Dagger\'s Tim Hinely praised as \'sublime pop at it's best\'. This was followed in 2004 by an election year release, \'The President\'s Brain is Missing\', another 4-song EP. The title song reached a national radio audience on Dr. Demento\'s show. \'International House\', Big Green\'s current release, is the band\'s second full-length studio album - a mildly subversive collection of indie psych-rock/pop numbers with the usual Big Green twists and turns.

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Artist: Big Green
Title: International House
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 9/30/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637223184
UPC: 884501042611
Item #: CDBY104261
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