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Big Trouble

Big Trouble


~ Big Trouble

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Product Notes

Big Trouble is a project that has been in the making for most of Jeff Bigelow's musical life. The styles and influences that have come together in this collection reflect a deep love of blues, funk, soul, jazz and sampling/scratching as expressed through vintage guitars and amplifiers and vocal interpretations of these many styles. After a decade as the guitarist of the Oakland, California based blues and soul band Mojo Deluxe, Jeff Bigelow embarked on the two year project that has produced his debut solo CD. The result is Big Trouble, a potent mix of blues, funk, soul and groove,with vintage guitar tones, rare samples, scratching and genre blending arrangments. 'SF Bay Area legend Jeff Bigelow takes a myriad of styles and melds them into what will likely be one of the best discs of 2007. Not your standard electric blues ride. More a roller coaster journey through a multi-colored musical landscape. And of course that unmistakable incendiary guitar sound of Bigelow's anchoring down the proceedings. Blues guitarists of the world will wonder why they didn't think of doing this first. Big Trouble is now at the head of the pack.' Rating: 5 Stars Todd Miller Music Review More words about Big Trouble: 'It's not very often that a blues album kicks off with a DJ cutting up some vinyl. While purists may say that the presence of turntables and scratching quickly negates any claim of actual blues music, the fellows who put this record together would kindly ask you to give them a chance and take a listen. Admittedly, the album does kick off in a fairly non-traditional fashion, but it doesn't take long for the groove to take control, easing back and letting the bass and organ form a groundwork for the exquisite guitar, subtle percussion, and smoky vocals. While this is certainly not traditional electric blues, it's not a far cry from it. Think of it more as a modern hybrid, an experiment in sound and feel from some guys who can really play. Also, with it's daring containment of 19 songs and over 70 minutes of music, think of it as a journey worth taking, a ride along with some musicians who are more comfortable creating their own path than walking straight down the middle of the road.' Rating: 5 Stars CD Baby Big Trouble features a host of top tier musicians, including Little Charlie Baty (of Little Charlie and the Nitecats, who plays on four songs, 3 of whcih were recorded live in the studio), Hershel Yatovitz of Chris Isaak, Lisa Cochran, Adam Rossi of Luce and Mojo Deluxe, Kevin White of Chuck Prophet, Luce, Papa Mali and Mojo Deluxe, Alexis Razon of Vinyl and and many more artists who contribute their fine artistry to this project.

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Artist: Big Trouble
Title: Big Trouble
Genre: Blues
Release Date: 11/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637223764
UPC: 707541850223
Item #: SRD185022
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