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4 Stars 4 a Reasons

4 Stars 4 a Reasons


~ Big Man Da Sir

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Product Notes

Fat \'N Dirty Enterprises presents BigMan Da Sir, a Texas born lyricist leading the next generation of true hip-hop to crush the trends and expose the fake. His debut album is a journey into his soul as he takes a stand against those who would poison hip-hop, as he reveals a bit of the struggles he has weathered. Like Tupac before him, Da Sir raises the bar on lyricism and ushers in a new era of hip-hop, though unlike Tupac, Da Sir does not curse in his lyrics. A native of Corpus Christi, TX, Da Sir began in a Christian rap group, in the late '90's. As a new century dawned, Da Sir broke away from Christian rap, and formed Dirty Dynasty with Elite 1, TBJ, and Nino B. Dirty D toured all over Texas for two years, and then Elite and Da Sir toured as E.N.D.S. Da Sir took a couple of years off to work on his first solo album, 4 Stars 4 A Reason. Da Sir's lyrical prowess is matched in the studio by Strayven's producer extraordinaire touch. Every beat is his, from the ground up, not a single sample, provided much needed vocal work, and he's also the best durned engineer in South Texas. He's been in the game longer than Da Sir, and his work is on over 100 albums, movie soundtracks, and videos. Strayven is also responsible for the front and back album art, as well as graphics and editing for the "Get Your Name Out" music video. This is his first time to produce every track for an album, and his teaming with Da Sir couldn't be more perfect. Featured on the album is the aforementioned Elite 1. Elite is in the process of recording his own solo album. His previous albums and mix-tapes have always featured Da Sir. His contribution to the track "So Tired" is inspired, and among some of his best work. Also featured is Mr. Reala, the fastest rapper in Texas. Mr. Reala has done numerous features with artists such as Merk Rock. He is currently working on his first album, which will be released by Fat 'N Dirty Enterprises. Some more vocal work was provided by other members of the Fat 'N Dirty Family, nothing fancy, but it's always "If I got We got!" BigMan Da Sir lives by the credo "Honesty, Loyalty, Trust, and Respect", and his reflected in his lyrics. This isn't "Gangsta" rap, he's not a new trend, nor is he riding on a trend. His heart is in his lyrics, and the more you listen, the more you'll know that you are listening to history in the making. Stand in line or get left behind.

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Artist: Big Man Da Sir
Title: 4 Stars 4 a Reasons
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 8/26/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637223392
UPC: 884501027106
Item #: SRD102710
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