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Vacation State

Vacation State


~ Bill Golden

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Product Notes

This CD is a 43-minute vacation from start to finish, and all the fun in-between. Fun Feel-Good Music I started writing my own music because I wanted something to listen too that took me to a happy fun place. I got sick of hearing music about how bad somebody's life sucks who has the best job in the world, parents gave them everything and bought them all the musical equipment they could ever want. Mine didn't, but they did pay for guitar lessons. I figured the other instruments. I wanted to hear songs that were fun and musical. The kind that put me in a good mood and make me feel like I am at the beach and on vacation. Ahhhhhhh! The kind of songs that you can tap feet too, hang around in your head for a while and just make you feel good. These songs have all been written from my experiences at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina The Songs: 1. I Just Want To Go To The Beach About wanting to go to the beach and daydreaming about it. 2. We're Here This song is about actually traveling to the beach, wanting to get there and arriving 3. The Vacation State One time while on vacation I was walking down the beach and forgot what day it was. I thought that was pretty cool, I was in the 'Vacation State' of mind. 4. Waverham Lincoln My 10 year old nephew and I were riding the waves in Myrtle Beach and he would say, 'here comes Waverham Lincoln', meaning the next big wave. I thought he had a great little 'know it all punk' voice so I put him on it. 5. Snooty Hotel Sets up the next song. We just want to stay were the fun is. 6. Beach Party In Third Class In the movie 'Titanic' the people having all the fun were down in third class dancing to the Irish music. So, just give me a roach motel down on the strip were all the fun is. 7. Surfer Chick Competitive Female Surfing, like the movie 'Blue Crush'. 8. Pushing 40 The song is about a good family man about 40 years who has reached some status in life, wife, kids, stays in a condo, has a nice minivan and is daydreaming about the hot chicks walking down the beach. But when all is said and done, he is quite happy with his life. Sort of like Chevy Chase in the movie 'Vacation'. 9. Shark Tooth Mine (mining for shark teeth) About hunting for shark's teeth at the beach, it's very territorial. I've found some good ones. 10. Beach House Just a place I would like to go. 11. Homesick Sometimes you just want to sleep in your own bed. 12. Cinnamon Skin Whenever I go to the beach, there is always one really hot chick that I see over and over throughout my week. Then when I'm back at work sitting at my desk staring into space, over the family group picture, I'm daydreaming about her. Let me know how you like it. I hope you enjoy this music as much as I do. Thanks, Bill.

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Artist: Bill Golden
Title: Vacation State
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/24/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637224104
UPC: 634479054679
Item #: SRD905467
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