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To Be Continued

To Be Continued


~ Bill the Thrill

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Product Notes

This is the first solo project from the lead singer and founding member of Leper's Pen. Bill the Thrill offers here his brand of radio-friendly, light pop songs, led by an acoustic guitar and a soulful voice. With a tender heart and an open mind, this lyrically warm and inviting album has the music to match it's sensitivity, with a voice to match the message. On this release Bill the Thrill also pushes his acoustic playing talents to the fore-front and compliments them with lively, life-lesson filled lyrics that are sure to resonate with all who hear them. The title of the CD is also the title of one of the 11 songs on this my first solo disc. I chose it because there is so much more to my musical journey ahead of me that I thought it fitting. I also very much enjoy photography and the CD artwork was a pleasure to put together. It has a very organic theme because I believe that these songs are very organic in that they speak of the common ground we all go through when dealing with relationships. I also purposly chose to do an organic sounding CD, one that was stripped down to the basics of the acoustic guitar, which has always been the original form that all my songs start out as. I wanted to have something that would be closer to the live acoustic performance feel than my past work so that if anyone came out to see me do a coffee house gig, they could more easily relate to the songs. In the past, my music projects consisted of quite a variety of sounds being put together, as I have been influenced by many styles of music. I have always found it a challange to play and incorporate new instrumentation into my songs and have always been very content to just let the songs evolve in whatever direction those new instruments might guide them. Because this CD was a more focused effort to put out a strictly acoustic oriented CD, I banned myself from using any electric guitars and kept the keyboards to a bare minimum. This all lead me to release it as something other than a Leper's Pen release because it sounds a bit different. There is plenty of instrumentation on this CD none the less, so don't think it is just my voice and an acoustic guitar. Many people have asked me when I planned to bring the guitar playing into the spotlight, and there is a bit of that with this disc. I have always been a guitarist first and had gotten away from that for quite awhile as life holds so many distractions. I had been spending alot of time working on developing my writing as well as learning to play keyboards and the guitar had moved to the side for awhile. It was a great joy to put a bit more concentration into coming up with new chords and sounds that I hadn't explored in the past. Also I can say that I have been most recently inspired and influenced by such incredible guitarists as Willy Porter and Monte Montgomery, who really make a person want to learn more and play more. They continue to push the boundaries of the acoustic guitar and have inspired me to push my own boudaries some more. These 11 songs have come from many places but fit together on this CD as stories of life. I am sure that many of you will find things that you can relate to on here. I believe this CD is perhaps my most personal to date. Although, as a writer it is true that inspiration comes at many different times, places and from different sources and I do enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction. Daylight: Several years ago I wrote down Daylight as a possible title along with the line 'And daylight comes again...' and it had been sitting there in a notebook collecting dust ever since. This song was inspired by that feeling a person gets after you finally have that long talk with your significant other. We all let things build up inside, some more than others I'm sure. Sometimes you just have to get down to it and talk things out. If you are lucky enough to have things go smoothly, the talk is followed by an incredible sense of relief. (If things don't go smoothly--well, that's a totally different song!) This song comes from that moment of relief. Blurring The Lines: This is one of the few songs that is not so personal to me and is more of a fictional nature. The idea came to me while sitting at Dulles airport in Washington D.C. and observing people. Some were desperately seeking coffee, others tied up on the cell phone, some traveling with their loved ones, others on their way back to loved ones. In my head I hear a woman singing this song, so that is the point of view that it comes from. I pictured a young woman traveling back to her new romance or maybe a friendship that she had now decided was time to take to the next level. She is slightly hesitant about proceeding with these intentions, but the excitement inside her is building up so much that she will have no choice but to follow what is, after all, only human nature. Fool's Gold: This song is about reaching a point in your life when you decide it is time to put aside some of the doubts you are having in a relationship and just let things play out so that you can then let time tell you if it was the real thing or not, instead of sitting and constantly over-analyzing things as we humans often do. Buried Alive: This song is about always putting off dealing with those relationship things that can bring you down. For many years I lived this way, you don't always realize it is the case. No one wants to dwell on the bad things or deal with them. Sometimes we just ignore them and hope they will go away. That can lead to a terrible mess to sort through later. Concentrate: This would probably be considered the most controversial song on the CD. It deals with a subject that I am sure many couples go through once, if not more than once, during the course of a relationship. It is written from a man's perspective. I'm just gonna leave it at that and leave a little suspense for our listeners!! Indecision: One day I decided I wanted to try writing a song that was very descriptive and was like an author giving a setting for a story. My thoughts took me back to my childhood and that place where you are at a summer picnic and you are excited about going for a swim on a hot summer day. So I decided to start from there a weave a boy's tale into a catchy little song. I did not realize at the time that I was also metaphorically writing a song about a person who was still undecided whether or not to commit fully to a relationship. (This is personally one of my favorite songs that I have ever written.) To Be Continued... : Sometimes you scratch your head as to where your next move is and what is best for the relationship. Sometimes you figure things out together and, right or wrong, you take that next step--together. Running : A few summers ago I started the morning ritual of jogging. I had thought I was starting to do this to add some exercise to my daily schedule. As time went on I found that I was really enjoying it, not just for the exercise, but it was the taking some time for myself, to be alone with my thoughts and reflect on the past, present and future. Turned out to be very good for the spiritual health as well. As I would pass others out at the early hours of the day I would say to myself 'What you running from?' and then look at them and wonder what are they running from. Could it be old age? Was it strckly for physical health? Was it for the same type of finding your own space that I had found? Or all of the above? I believe we all run from something at some point in our lives. Not always the easiest question to ask yourself, 'What am I running from?' Mirror Image : At times in this life it is easy to fall into the trap of wishing that our significant other were more of the way we would like them to be, instead of letting them be and learning to appreciate them being themselves. I am as guity as anyone of this. Cupid : Sometimes it seems that romance is as far out of the picture as can be. Everyone needs that affirmation from time to time that they are desireable and it can be something that a person fights more and more with age. I believe it is very important to let the people you love the most know about it, the more often, the better. Dragonfly : I will confess that this song was inspired solely by the movie Dragonfly. It is a song about loss, and coping, but also about un-dying love. From time to time I am inspired by movies to write in this way. I should be doing music for soundtracks!! Any of you Hollywood people out there listening?!! Give me a buzz.... Have your people contact my people etc... There it is in a nutshell. I think you all will enjoy these songs immensly. Any other questions, send me an email! Bill the Thrill July 2004.

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Artist: Bill the Thrill
Title: To Be Continued
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/6/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637224449
UPC: 634479028571
Item #: SRD902857
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