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California Callin

California Callin


~ Bill Wence

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Country Standard Time November 21-2001 Tom Netherland Superstars with household names are not alone among fine country musicians. Indeed, much of today's better country comes from those whose name won't even strike chords in Music City. One such talent is Bill Wence. His self-released album probably won't have radio station conglomerates calling him, but he's pulled off what a number of today's platinum-selling artists don't do: an understated album brimming with sweet quality. And heart. Each of the 11 tunes were either written or co-written by Wence, including the superb title track. Now, he doesn't exactly conjure images of a hardcore country singer, such as with a bluesy 'I'm Still Lovin' You'. Furthermore, Wence warbles with heart, as on 'I'll Send My Love,' yet his smoky voice won't make anyone forget Marty Robbins either. But therein lies the charm. He sings 'em like he means it. Take his duet with Jonell Mosser, 'Break Away'. Drums don't mangle a marvelous vocal interaction that highlights each singer's bent for blues vocals, making the song a standout on a standout album. No CMA's, no platiunum awards or accolades aplenty await Bill Wence. But that's OK. Musicians, real musicians, don't make music for awards. Wence has himself 11 certified winners to hang his hat onto. The Nashville Musician, July-September 2002 Walt Trott Take a guy who knows a lot about a song's merits, turn him loose in a studio with enough of a budget to hire top musicians and engage terrific harmony vocalists, and you'll get some striking results. At least that's what happened in the case of Bill Wence, a veteran music man, who today makes a decent living promoting other peoples records. For his own, 'California Callin'' CD, the multi-talented Wence has written or co-authored 11 ultra-romantic ballads and transformed them into smooth, mellow efforts boasting inventive arrangements. Early in his career, pianist Wence got started musically out in California. He worked with such Nashville names as Bobby Bare and Tom T. Hall. 'You will enjoy this long-awaited CD. I know it has been great fun for Bill to do this. He has honed his perception of rhythm and rhyme over the years. Bill has certainly been exposed to more music (good and bad) than the average bear, which leads me to remark that he worked with Bobby Bare in Bare's formative years.' Tom T. Hall.

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Artist: Bill Wence
Title: California Callin
Genre: Country
Release Date: 12/3/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637223887
UPC: 679206150224
Item #: CDBY615022
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