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Terrys Lodge

Terrys Lodge


~ Billy and the Fid

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Product Notes

Billy and The Fid is a San Francisco based Singer/Songwriter project turned into an eclectic rock band. Our influences range from The Beatles, Frank Zappa, Radiohead, Les Claypool, Parliament and Metallica to Jazz, Blues, Modern Classical (I know it's an oxymoron) and the Avant-Garde. Any way we play, we hope to entertain you with our diverse songs, edgy lyrics, tight vocal harmonies, and our plethora of influences. Unlike the previous albums, Terry's Lodge is recorded as the Billy and the Fid band with Drew Yurkov playing Drums throughout and James "Shamus" Canzoneri" playing the Bass. We also use Jeff Leddy once again on the Cello for the introduction piece, "angels in the periphery." The album starts with a somber feel with the piano piece, quickly turns into a rock album with spats of craziness thrown in, leads to a political cry before ending with a schizophrenic love song. Here is what people are saying about the song God Is Returning from 'Terry's Lodge': 'Says something to the intelligent listener, but not much to the general populace... they just aren't doing the drugs needed to get into this in a big way today. Doors-esque without the pomposity. A real breath of fresh air in a stale, stale room.' ' nice sounds, interesting melody, nice chord changes, interesting lyrics, good production, and an overall original sound. The vocals were very nice, especially the background vocal arrangements.' 'This is kind of like a Texas border town Red Hot Chili Peppers. Cool sound, points for originality. Kind of Sublime in Southwest Texas or stranded out in the desert or Sound Garden in the Old West.' 'This is the kind of song that I'd play in my car, while screaming through the Arizona desert on my way to California. Very cool song guys, keep up the good work!' "Terry's Lodge" is our third release. Our first real venture into recording started with the album 'Should've been the caffeine...' which was a guitar based album with no drums or bass. The 2nd recording was called '4 Songs.' This EP length CD contained 4 pieces that varied considerably, including a cover of "Seek and Destroy" with guest musician "Jeff Leddy," and the first released version of the "BushCo Suite" with Brandon Sutter on Drums. Terry's Lodge was produced by t. doyle and Matt Fidler. It was recorded by Matt Fidler at: Monkeys Plus Audio in San Francisco, La Casita del Sol in Walnut Creek, and Mastered by Gregg McVicar at RadioCamp Studios in Walnut Creek.

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Artist: Billy and the Fid
Title: Terrys Lodge
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/31/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637224527
UPC: 634479235078
Item #: SRD923507
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