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Message for Ya Mind

Message for Ya Mind


~ Billy B

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Product Notes

If you love music that you can relate to look no further! This is the album that you have been waiting for! The first song that we recorded was 'Message for your Mind', and that ended up being the album name for a reason. If i could let the whole world listen to one song, that is the song i would play. In less than five minutes, i cover almost everything that i feel is wrong with the world today. Every song on this album is about true stories and real situations that we all go thru in everyday life. There are fun records like 'My Feelings', and this song describes what it feels like to meet someone new. Have you ever been down and needed someone to talk to? All you have to do is play 'Keep your head Up'. I have had so many people tell me that song helped them to get thru hard times. The record 'Missing You' is dedicated to one of my friends that passed away, and anyone that has ever lost a loved one can relate to that song. The album is made complete with music about relationships, war, racism, and many other topics. My personal favorite is the song titled 'Always'. It is for anyone who has ever had a relationship that did not work out, but you still wanted to be friends. The track 'So Alone' even describes the pain i felt when my girlfriend lost her battle with cancer. It is one of the best selling hip hop albums to ever be released by an unsigned artist. I am now willing to share it with the world for a very low price on cdbaby. It is no longer about the money, it is about the message in this CD getting out to the world!!!

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Artist: Billy B
Title: Message for Ya Mind
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 12/23/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637224533
UPC: 733792747722
Item #: CDBY274772
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