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Senye (Destiny)

Senye (Destiny)


~ Bimbo Ogundipe

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Product Notes

I love God, people and music! That's about it, And there is no greater satisfaction for me than to be able to touch God and people through music. My goal for my music is to reach all people irrespective of color, creed, nation or language with the love God has for humanity. God only sees one human race! He is color blind if I may say that in a good way and do not intend blaspheme. And that is why this musical piece is a mixture of African and Hebraic music. The lyrics are very positive and inspiring. Senye, the title track which translates as destiny is a song in Ewe language. In which I appeal to God to help me actualize my dream. Ise Oluwa, a Yoruba song that says that God's work cannot be destroyed no matter how hard the enemy tries. You and I are God's work that cannot be destroyed. Mikamocha is a Hebrew song, a song of Moses that he sang to God after Israel was delivered from slavery in Egypt. It is sung in Hebrew, Yoruba and English; and simply means 'who is like Thee ?' Indeed who is like the God of Israel? There is no God like Jehova! Avinu Malkeinu, also Hebrew appeals to God to make this year and the rest of our lives fruitful. It's a prayer for God to take away pestilence and diseases, war and destruction from our lives. A song of forgiveness for ourselves and our families and that God should include our names in His Book of Life. Pop Senye is a remix of Senye. While Senye has a world music beat to it, this pop version is very danceable. It can be played at parties and dance hall. It's dance hall music with positive and inspirational lyrics with no sexual undertone. I pray that your lives would be blessed and touched by God as you invest in and listen to this music! For lyrics and translation to all song see my facebook page.

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Artist: Bimbo Ogundipe
Title: Senye (Destiny)
Genre: Christian
Release Date: 3/12/2014
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5638257919
UPC: 888295059145
Item #: 1118903X
This product is a special order