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My Family Tree

My Family Tree


~ Birdie

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Product Notes

Wow! We did it! Birdie's 'My Family Tree' is completed. Recorded, edited and mastered with lots of love and care and by the best talent around, just for you and your family! You're going to love it. What took us so long, you ask? Well, you know the best things in life take time! A year ago we were planning a CD release and then decided we needed more time to make some changes and complete the project. Who would have thought that in the end it would take us five years to complete this one. The music came first, with ease. Gary is prolific. I sometimes have trouble keeping up with him. But this time, between teaching and raising our two wonderful boys, I had plenty of material to write a from. It was everything else that took time to fall into place. It was well worth it and we think you'll agree. Here are the other pieces of the wonderful BIRDIE puzzle...Just like our first CD, it includes the amazing talents of Curt Bisquera, drummer to the stars! Where would we be without this man's amazing talent!?! Curt cut all tracks live from the infamous Black Couch studios in Westlake, CA. Rumour has it Curt is a 'one take wonder'. Let's just say there's a reason for his great success. Check out his chops on, 'Colors', Radio Randy' and 'Ants in Yer Pants Dance'. And this time around, BIRDIE - 'My Family Tree' includes the gifted and sweet touches of Terry Lawless on keyboards, sax, and flute. Terry also plays with a few other bands...U2 for starters! We were honored when Terry agreed to be a part of the project, but imagine how thrilled we were when the finished CD included solos from Terry on ''You've Got Mail', 'Down to the Ocean', 'Ants In Yer Pants Dance'! We also have our Birdie bandmates helping out on the grooves. Eileen Oshea added beautiful harmonies. The three part harmony really gives the recording a lift. We love the bongos Scott Adams added to 'Down to the Ocean'. It's one of my favorite recordings. Speaking of recording, without the recording, editing and producing talents of David Rademacher, this CD would not be as special as it is. Let's just say, David rocks! He never said, 'no', even to our most difficult requests. We're especially happy with the way our kids choir turned out! They are awesome! Imagine a group of ten kids singing together for the first time, and singing music they are hearing for the first time. We are so proud of them. Check them out on, 'Little Light', 'Mama' and 'You are the Future'. The stars of the show, though, are our two kids, Eli and Raleigh! They not only added their unique talents to the project but gave up plenty of weekends to be in the studio with us recording. All in all we had so much fun recording this CD. We hope you love it as much as we do!

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Artist: Birdie
Title: My Family Tree
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 3/17/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637225139
UPC: 724101601620
Item #: SRD160162
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