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Act on Impulse

Act on Impulse


~ Birke | Leykam | Panasenko

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Product Notes

Act on Impulse is a musical chain letter. Started in Alaska, this project was sent to Germany where new material was added to the original. From there the music was sent to California for additional overdubs and then back to Germany for final touches. The result is an unpredictable blend of electronics, world music, and improvisation - soundscapes populated by organic rhythms, guitar synthesizers, and homemade instruments. About the musicians: Martin Birke is a MIDI percussionist best known for his work with sandbox trio and Casualty Park. For the Act on Impulse sessions, Martin improvised and programmed beats that formed the foundation for most of the tracks. Roman Leykam is a guitar-synthesist who has recorded and performed with the ambient duo, Leykam/Mark. For this recording, Roman contributed loops, atmospherics, and guitar sounds. Daniel Panasenko is a multi-instrumentalist who, as one-third of sandbox trio, has explored conventional and experimental methods of music making. For Act on Impulse, Daniel played the Chapman Stick, Thwackoleum, Woodbox, and PVC Saxophone. Reviews: Maurizio Pustianaz Chain D.L.K. Act on Impulse is the first common release by Martin Birke (Casualty Park), Daniel Panasenko (sandbox trio) and Roman Leykam. Soon after putting this CD into my CD player a couple of names and album titles came into my mind: Rain Tree Crow and their album and David Sylvian / Fripp album titled The First Day. I know that thinking about these two albums the first thing you could remind is the deep voice of David Sylvian and in this is a different case because all the tracks are instrumentals (only 'Uninvited Guest' has got some vocal parts) but what made me think about those musicians is the similar approach to sound and the particular way of playing instruments. Act on Impulse is a great CD full of pathos and great atmospheres. The thirteen tracks have been composed between 1999 and 2002 without pre-rehearsals and the tracks have been recorded by improvising (I think that this is the main explanation of why the musicians chose this album's title). Influences of sandbox trio merge with the unusual self-willed e-guitars by Roman Leykam, partly rhythmic, partly calm, hypnotic as well as bizarre ambient landscapes and the effect is something you won't expect because there are no weak moments or meaningless arty experimentalism. If you love these sounds give a try to this album, you won't be disappointed. Rainer Guérich inMusic On this CD the musical freethinkers Martin Birke, Roman Leykam and Daniel Panasenko dare a journey into indescribable depths of sub-sonic sound sculptures. The 13 tracks don't follow a particular theme, but emerge from the magic of the moment and are based on their absolute superb feeling for improvisation. Clever rhythms and original ideas on guitar-synthesizers, midi-percussion, loops and much more create a wonderful hypnotic-code, which leads more and more into the CD. The result is a mystic as well as gripping dehydrate which consists of ambient, dub slo-mo-installations, guitar hooks, tribal-atmosphere and industrial-moments. With headphones, try the ultra deep flow of the 7 1/2 minutes 'Light Flooded Room'. Rating: remarkable!

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Artist: Birke | Leykam | Panasenko
Title: Act on Impulse
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 6/18/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637227714
UPC: 684461002133
Item #: CDBY100213
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