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Star of the Show

Star of the Show


~ BJ Cooper

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Product Notes

BJ Cooper has been performing since he was 8 years old. Throughout his career BJ has performed in plays and County Fairs, as well as School and Church Chours. While performing his duties as in Air Force Bj Put on many shows And even had his own show called Operation Warm Heart which Was use to make money for needed uniformed soldiers and their families in need. Bj has done radio shows and live T.V. spots thought-out his career. Bj attend three summers at the music school at Northern Arizona University while there he performed with many great performers in front off 10,000 and more in the audiences' and got several standing ovations. But nothing will ever compare to the great new music you are about to listen to and hopefully own. That's right BJ's is at his best and now you can have the music too. Thanks for listening. Be seeing ya soon BJ Well it is finally here!! Star of the show is what we believe is one of Bj's best CD's yet All the songs were written by great song writers (Joe Hunter, Jim Whitehead, BJ Cooper, Jim Espinoza, Bonnie Yezarski, Pat Holt, Jan Linville, McCall, Grady McWalker, and Don Miller Produced by BJ Cooper, Pat Holt, Jim Whitehead and Joe Hunter. Co Produced by Bonnie Yezarski This CD has all the makings of greatness. From the first song Hello to the last song Goodbye we have made what we feel is new And exciting for all our listeners. To are fans from the past and present we believe you will not regret the time and money spent on our songs. Bj loves to create and try new and exciting thing in his music, just listen to star of the show and how could he not love you, you will here music like out of the seventies and yet something new mixed in. Perhaps you like love songs well Hello and Goodbye should cover that part of you soul. How about our great American Truck drivers Here's one just for you 18 Wheels and a load of Bull, what more can be said than that? We also have added Sign Me Up and Can I Get An Amen to the list These two songs will get to you dancing bone for- sure. Like we said just good old real American music, with a pop, country, and soulfully sound. So please enjoy and perhaps buy any or all of BJ's songs. Thank You BJ Cooper.

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Artist: BJ Cooper
Title: Star of the Show
Genre: Easy Listening
Release Date: 9/16/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637225513
UPC: 634479784866
Item #: SRD978486
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