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Ratty Shoes

Ratty Shoes


~ Blackthorn

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PHILADELPHIA--A pair of ratty shoes is anything but poetic. But transforming the ordinary into the lyrical is all in a day's work for Blackthorn. And as the Irish-Rock band releases it's second all-original CD 'Ratty Shoes', it continues to bridge the gap between traditional Irish music and what contemporary music with it's whimsical yet gritty mix of bass, rhythmic guitars, drums and the keyboard. Keyboardist John Boyce was the catalyst for the cover track's concept. It was two years ago, when Boyce was driving to Woodstock with friend and acoustic guitar player Paul Moore. They were on their way to recording their first all-original CD, 'The Other Side.' That's when Boyce began talking about an idea for a song--about a pair of shoes that were old and worn-out, but comfortable. The shoes, he said, would have magical powers. Picking up a napkin from the seat of the car, Moore scribbled down some of his thoughts. Later, Moore, developed the idea into a song, giving seemingly worn-out shoes the power to give you anything and take you anywhere. Now two years later, the title track 'Ratty Shoes' has come to symbolize the somewhat magical trek the band has taken as musicians and friends. 'It's like an audio picture of where everyone is at this time,' says newest member of the band, bass player Mike Boyce. 'I think that's what a CD should be, a snapshot of who we all are.' And it's a picture that developed with mutual collaboration--right down to drummer Mike O'Callaghan, who has always worn a pair of red ratty shoes on stage, and who insists his are really magic. From the screaming electric guitar and pounding drums to the equalizing accordion and piano, the instruments in the CD mix together to create an experience that is singularly Blackthorn--both modern and traditional all at once. 'Ratty Shoes represents how diversified we've become,' says John Boyce. 'It's unique in every way.' Ranging from Mike Boyce's more alternative rendition of the inspirational 'Don't Run Away' to Paul Moore's historic ballad 'Border just a Memory,' the CD catalogs Blackthorn's creativity as it strives to push itself in new directions--introducing elements of reggae and rap to keep it fresh while maintaining a unique Celtic edge that has drawn fans to Blackthorn. But whether you're listening to push-button accordion player John McGroary's reel or O'Callaghan's quick ditty about how opposites attract, what is captured best on this new release is a sense of fun and dedication that comes from a band that has been 11 years in the making. 'You get a sense of who we are on-stage (from the CD),' says John Boyce. 'It's a lot like when we are playing live.' And that same energy, which has packed pubs and clubs throughout Philadelphia, transforms 'Ratty Shoes' into a CD you can't help but play over and over again--even if you've never clapped to an Irish jig or watched Michael Flatley step dance. But most important to each member of the band is having the opportunity to take his love for music and go beyond the definition and expectations of Irish music. And, in that sense, 'Ratty Shoes' does indeed seem to have magical powers--taking the band--and it's fans--anywhere their imaginations will letthem go. --Marci Landsmann (Press)

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Artist: Blackthorn
Title: Ratty Shoes
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/1/2001
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637226438
UPC: 656613495223
Item #: SRD349522


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