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Sierra Passage

Sierra Passage


~ David Blonski

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Product Notes

Sierra Passage is a musical jouney and we begin our story on a gray and rainy day as someone looks out a window at the crowded streets below. Feeling a yearning, we are transported to another realm where 'Raindreams' open up new horizons to us. As the sky clears,... a 'Falling Star' streaking across the night sky to the west is our sign,... and so we embark. Even though our hearts are sometimes saddened about the things we must leave behind, the expectations of what lies ahead quickens our steps and lifts our spirits as we reach the 'Crossroads' that lead us ever onward.. Along our way we are greeted by the glory of nature as represented by the 'Cascades" of an unspoiled and wild river, and we feel cleansed and refreshed as we stand in it's mists. We are not alone in our journeys and we cross paths with some of our fellow travelers. As we greet the morning at a 'Washoe Sunrise', we visit those who have long respected and revered our mother, the earth. With eyes and heart open, we learn a great deal from those who lived here long before the white man. Later we come across an pioneer family traveling in their wagon as it plods purposefully onward. We see hope and great expectations etched in their faces as they travel the "The Trail West'. Arriving at the west coast we encounter the people who poured in from the orient who tirelessly worked to build a place in the West. With shovels and picks they helped build the roads and railways. Many of these people stayed but many returned home hunched over, not so much from the hard work in the gold fields, but rather from their heavy loads of 'Jade', the sacred stone of peace, health and prosperity that was so scarce in their homelands. Then from the south came the ranchers and mission builders whose Spanish and Indian blood mixed to begin a whole new culture. These people came not for gold but for the 'El Dorado' that was the richness of the land itself. Yes the road west has been traveled by many and the pilgrimage still goes on today as thousands continue to make their 'Sierra Passage'. SIERRA PASSAGE featuring David Blonski on flute with Ken Craig on Guitar David and Ken combine the best of the old and the new by using both acoustic and electronic instrumentation to create their musical magic. With roots firmly planted in contemporary folk music they also explore the realms of musical impressionism by drawing inspiration from the land the call their home. Living in the heart of "Gold Country" in the Sierra foothills of California, the pay tribute to the land around them as well as the spirit that led early settlers westward. Various folk traditions and cultural heritages are represented in the music in addition to David and Ken's own unique musical styuling that fills the air with a sense of enchantment. To these gifted musicians, this music represents an awakening to the fact that dreams can be realized and made to come to pass when you commit and act upon them.

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Artist: David Blonski
Title: Sierra Passage
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 8/14/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637227486
UPC: 788585030123
Item #: CDBY503012
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