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Bluchip Presents.Stackin Chips Screwed Mixtape

Bluchip Presents.Stackin Chips Screwed Mixtape


~ Blu'chip Gang

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B.K. BIO Born 1982 in Brooklyn New York, this up-coming rap star isn't a stranger to the street. Raised in the Marlboro projects he faced drugged dealers and robbers, but he refused to let that get in the way of his game. With 'mad respect for the Texas Boys (H-Town)' he's trying to do it big with his new sound and attitude in the studio. With hot rap artist like Pac, Biggie, Jay Z, Nas, The Lox, Mob Deep, and the WuTang Clan as his influences, it's no wonder that this man has big plans to make it in the game. Although B.K. claims his hood for life, he's down here in H-Town trying to do it big with his newfound Blu'Chip family. 'I'm trying to get my hands on as much cash as possible. I have big dreams that I want to fulfill and I'm trying to live my life to the fullest and trying to get my friends and family in a better place,' says B.K. Mixtapes * BluChip Records Presents....Stackin Chips * Attawa Mixtape * Face Slappers - Durt factory Mixtape Performances * Roc the Mic MC Battle * 2004 Car Show * Rap Xmas Throw Down * Project Row Houses Music Festival * Club Riddims Chuck-Yo BIO No introductions needed, Chuck-Yo has been repping since he was eleven. Co-founder of Blu'Chip Records he has adapted his style of rhymes to mere thought, that's right folks, no paper or pen necessary. By using lyrics that paint pictures of vivid imagery Chuck-Yo allows listeners to visualize the picture he is trying to paint. Although he can be seen as humble and kind of low key, don't play him for weak. Chuck-Yo laid back demeanor allows Chuck-YO to study the track and almost become one with the beat. 'You can't just rap over the beat you have to become one with the music,' says Chuck-Yo. Born in 1980, Lincoln Nebraska, Chuck-Yo found his new home on the southwest of Houston, TX. at the age of eleven. Chuck-Yo would go through some tough times after his mother left his father and moved to the United States before the rapper was even born. Life would deal him a wicked hand of faith when his father passed away the same year he was finally suppose to meet him. Without a man in the house in the younger years of his life, he became a self-supportive youth, turning to the streets, where he soon made a name for himself as a rapper. Being loved by women and respected by the streets, he is able to use both qualities to his advantage. I'm just trying to create a new level of pride in Houston! Stand up.' I am the one,' says Chuck. Mixtapes * Blu'Chip Records Presents....Stackin Chips * Attawa Mixtape * Face Slappers - Durt Factory Mixtape Performances * Car Show 2004 * Roc The Mic MC Battle * Rap Xmas Throw Down * Project Row Houses Music Festival * Club Riddims Misc * WreckShop Movie Swain BIO Swain hails from the legendary 3300 Wichita Block located in Third Ward. Swain first started rapping in 1993 listening to D.J. Screw with legendary artist Fat Pat, KeKe, Mike D, and the rest of the Screwed Up Click. The streets helped pave his mindset and fueled his inspiration to make music. By delivering rap bars that are reality based, Swain gives you a true insight on the tales from the hood, Swain is able to relate to the everyday struggle because he lived and is still living it. This hustler has the 'Heart of the Tre' mentality and a dirty south rhythm that will keep the clubs jumping and the gangsters recognizing real.. 'The south is getting bigger every day and we are being labeled as trendsetters. I'm going to welcome you all to Swain's World, just keeping it real,' says Swain. Mixtapes * Blu'Chip Records Presents....Stackin Chips * Laftex Records Vol.1 * South Side Playas Vol.2 * Purple Seals * Let's Get Dirty * Attawa Mixtape Performances * 2004 Car Show * Main Event * Project Row Houses Music Festival * Club Riddims * Laftex Records Tour.

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Artist: Blu'chip Gang
Title: Bluchip Presents.Stackin Chips Screwed Mixtape
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 2/15/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637227865
UPC: 634479073175
Item #: SRD907317
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