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~ Blue Flashing Light

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Blue Flashing Light is a metamorphosis of trained musicians, songwriters and vocalists hailing from Ohio and Georgia. Ian and Joshua Schwarber have been writing songs together since they can remember. After recording an EP under the band name Turn, Ian decided to take a sabbatical and study abroad in Bath, England for six months. In a wise marketing move, however, Ian took along with him a handful EP's. And, after a number of serendipitous events, including the chance meeting with a Virgin Records promotions manager, Ian charmed his way into the World Music Awards in Monaco. He spent his time networking and walked away with label and management interest on the strength of the EP. This songwriting team of brothers joined forces with Ryan Cattie in 2002, moved to Atlanta and issued a call for musicians. The ad in the local Atlanta newspaper read, 'Wanted: Bass Player, Drummer and Guitarist.' After auditioning several musicians, Blue Flashing Light (then called Turn) began to form into a sonic force preparing to be heard. They soon found guitarist Adam Monica playing at a local pub. After a couple of numbers, including an on the spot Pixies cover, the classically trained musician was asked to join that night. Following Adam's induction, the band auditioned other musicians including J.J. Bower, an extremely accomplished drummer/percussionist. After one brief jam session with the band, somehow everything clicked. Finally, with the help of some connections, the band found a kindred spirit in bassist Sheldon Wolfe. With his admiration for acts such as Muse, he meshed with the band musically and vocally, becoming the final piece of the puzzle. With the search complete, the band relocated to Ohio and over the next three years continued to hone their craft and develop as stage performers. They rehearsed diligently, creating a catalog of over two hundred songs while shaping their unique sound. The band sought to strike an emotional chord with their audiences by combining honest lyrics with lush sonic layers and musicianship in their Ohio recordings. In late 2006, the band decided to return to Georgia to reestablish their southern connection, this time in the rich music scene of Athens. Now called Blue Flashing Light (taken from the song by the U.K.'s Travis), their homecoming will provide a rebirth, having already generated an incredible buzz in Athens. A steady performance roster and new professional guidance continues to season their live performance dynamic and propel them toward inevitable stardom. With ear-grabbing tracks such as 'Wasn't It Real', 'Since I Caught You', 'Don't Say Goodbye' and 'Shadowboxing', the band has released a debut album sure to land them on the charts and in the ears of Music Industry movers and shakers. Somewhere in the distance just beyond the setting sun, if you tune in and look closely.... You can catch a glimpse of the Blue Flashing Light on the horizon.

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Artist: Blue Flashing Light
Title: Shadowboxing
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 8/21/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637227941
UPC: 837101382632
Item #: SRD138263
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