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Whispering Campaign

Whispering Campaign


~ Blue Sky Foundry

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Product Notes

Influences: R.E.M. - The Smiths - Better Than Ezra - Stone Temple Pilots - Toad the Wet Sprocket - The Connells Death Cab for Cutie Fifteen years after forming in Athens, Georgia, Blue Sky Foundry issues Whispering Campaign - a thematically cohesive work which reveals the band still soaring upward on it's sonic arc. Twelve tracks strong, Blue Sky Foundry's sixth independent studio release demonstrates, again, the band's commitment to the song-craft ideal and reconfirms the unit's innate ability to consistently fuse good alternative music with thoughtful discourse. On Whispering Campaign, the three-piece remains faithful to it's fans' expectations while exploring new territory within it's signature bandwidth. This is no small feat for such a long-standing trio. Blue Sky Foundry resists the all-to-common urge of an established act to abandon it's strengths just to indulge an experimental whim and this album is the beneficial result of such artistic conviction. At this point in the band's life-cycle, "producing thoughtful, melodic, guitar-driven rock conveyed by a female front-person" is not just a mission statement - it is a tradition, tried and true. Charting the history of the band, it is clear with each new album the collective acumen of Blue Sky Foundry increases. Salli Dow's vocal performances are stronger than ever, delivered with a certain maturity only a studio veteran can channel. Likewise, the music is seamlessly performed by Scott Pennington and J. Dow III. Recording journeymen themselves, Pennington/Dow know how to create a proper audio canvass to highlight the talent of the band's exceptional lead singer. With Whispering Campaign, Blue Sky Foundry dares to discuss certain vices inherent in human nature (e.g., duplicity, hubris and appetite) and juxtapose these traits against (and with) a celebration of their opposites - the encouraging virtues found in the promise of the human spirit. Passages such as, "Whispers aren't meant to be heard for a reason," from the third track, "Mean What You Say," and "Your only law is that you're lawless - Your only flaw is that you're flawless," taken from the album's eleventh track, "Infallible and Alone," are representative of the band's insightful examination of mankind's undeniable flaws. While refusing to shy from the darker side of life, Blue Sky Foundry balances it's indictment of the human condition on Whispering Campaign with inspirational commentary in songs like, "ETA," "The In-Between" and "Have Hope. Will Travel.' Aside from the songs' thought-provoking subject matter and meticulously assembled lyrics, the band's latest installment includes a dozen musical compositions of first-rate quality. Utilizing the benefit of it's wholly-owned studio, Blue Sky Foundry created Whispering Campaign to be a work that both burns and smolders. J. Dow III's writing and playing (guitars, bass and other instrumentation) creates a tightly woven mesh around Pennington's conservative, yet deliberate, percussive rhythms. Salli Dow's inspired singing overlays the solid foundations provided by her backers and deftly fills all the pockets specifically constructed to showcase her contribution to Blue Sky Foundry's cause. The result is an impressive and unique amalgam. For songs like, "Winter," "To The Come-Latelies," "Hard Charger" and "ETA," comparisons to Life's Rich Pagent/Document-era R.E.M. are accurate while numbers like, "Infallible and Alone" and "Led To Believe" clearly justify discussion of Stone Temple Pilots from any point in that band's existence. Conversely, the album's title track, "Whispering Campaign," and the other slow-stirrers, "Grindstone" and "Indifferent," exhibit the solemn and introspective qualities of such art form masters as The Smiths and Death Cab for Cutie. Regardless of the inspirational leaning of any given track, Blue Sky Foundry is in good company. Considered by the band to be their best offering yet, Whispering Campaign is unquestionably a worthy addition to the group's already-impressive alternative rock catalog. With this album, Blue Sky Foundry has extended to the world another attractive invitation to give them a listen and spread the word about their well-kept secret. Additional Information: Tracks from each of Blue Sky Foundry's five previous albums have received airplay on independent/alternative rock radio programs Blue Sky Foundry's Bad-ass Theme (featured on the band's fourth album, "haymaker") was a second runner-up in a contest for the Atlanta Falcon's "Dirty-Bird" theme song.

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Artist: Blue Sky Foundry
Title: Whispering Campaign
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 7/22/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637236678
UPC: 884501003919
Item #: CDBY100391
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