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Arnold, Bob : Take on Wings

Arnold, Bob : Take on Wings


~ Bob Arnold

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Product Notes

Song Notes and History - Take On Wings - 2007 The title of the album is taken from song lyrics in "Psalm 139", and from "Revelations". For His Pleasure This song was written while on a diving trip with my friends Polly Hix and Tony Fair in October, 2004. I had been challenged personally and professionally that year, and was simply swept off my feet by Polly and Tony's kindness to include me on a trip that allowed me to break away from my routine in the world on land, and enter another overwhelming world of God's creation. The tune, and much of the lyrics for this song and others on this album, were literally written while spending my time gazing at various wildlife 75 feet or so below the surface of the water in Bonaire, NA. I would get ideas, then repeat them in my mind until I could use pen and paper to write the ideas down after returning to the surface. Drums - Nathan Barrow Psalm 24:1-2 - Psalm 107:24 - Luke 19:37-40 Psalm 139 (Written by David Mattson) When I was in high school, my youth group leader at Southminister Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana was David Mattson - who gave me a wonderful gift by taking the time to play guitar with me. Along the way he taught me profoundly in the areas of daily devotions, guitar, worship, worship leading, songwriting and general common sense. David wrote this song, and it was one of the first songs he taught me. It has always been one of my favorites. Most guitar players have a song they begin to play not long after they get the chance to pick up a guitar. This is mine. French Horn - Lauren Hannah; Drums - Nathan Barrow Heartache I went to the Indiana University School of Business, and then law school. After law school I began working as an attorney, and about a year later I wrote this song. I saw those around me struggling with the same choices I was faced with - how much to work, what kind of work to do and whether to spend time working, with family or elsewhere. So many of those I met professionally were only concerned with how much money they were going to make, and when I started being seriously challenged by these choices, I wrote this song. Lead Guitar - Don Basham; Drums - Nathan Barrow Matthew 19:24 - Luke 9:25 & 18:25 - Mark 8:36 & 10:25 Because I Love You It is easy to say I follow what God would have me do, and yet when the choices are really made, it is often something or someone other than the Lord I find myself following. Selfishness is just another way of failing to follow what the Lord would have me (us) do when it comes to relationships. If we are to have the servant's heart God desires for us, then we need to concentrate on doing His will, not our own. The best way to show our love to those we love, is to do what the Lord would have us do in our relationships, not what we think we want or need, or what we selfishly think is best for us. The longer I live selfishly, the more difficult it is to see, identify and start what God would have me do. I Corinthians 13 Life is Like a Journey You Take On A Boat On that same trip to Bonaire in October, 2004, we would travel to and from the dive sites on a boat that would allow us to get the wind in our hair and watch the porpoise, turtles and other sights, and catch some sun along our way. We would occasionally get into a school of flying fish and watch as they jumped out of the water and then glided just above the surface, changing direction once or twice before vanishing back into the blue ocean water. On the boat there was always somewhere we were coming from, and somewhere we were going. As I thought about this, it seemed a lot like life itself. Drums - Nathan Barrow Acts 27-28 Lord, Keep Me Seeking I wrote this song in high school very late one dark night in the quiet of the sanctuary of Southminister Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. I played it often in the dark stillness of Camp Olivet, in southern Indiana. Matthew 6:33 - Psalm 150 Revelation 15 During much of the writing and recording of this project I was actively involved in the Wednesday night Bible study at Southport Presbyterian Church in Indianapolis, Indiana. I want to thank all of those kind friends who were involved in that Bible study for allowing me to serve in the area of music worship, and for patiently allowing me to share the music which many times (as with this song) was written as we studied together. Drums - Nathan Barrow Revelation 15:3-4 Lord, Oh My Lord I have always loved Pachelbel's Cannon in D, playing it in my mind and experimenting with lyrics that would be appropriate for the melody, and for worship. Cello - Joe Snider Psalm 92 - Lamentations 3:22-24 Revelations There are so many things I can learn if I simply listen to what the Lord wants me to hear, instead of listening to what the world throws at me each day. Daily quiet time and devotions are critical for me, because that is where true revelations come from. Revelation 22:20 - 2 Corinthians 12:9-10 That You Are Pleased It's not about me, it's about Him. It's not for me, but for His praise, glory, honor and worship. Worship renewal occurs one heart at a time, and this is the start of that daily process, not the completion of it. I Samuel 3:1-10 - Acts 20:24 - II Timothy 4:6-8 Thank You Thanks to my friends who assisted in the playing and recording of this project - including Jay Mosier who helped produce, and completely engineered, recorded, mixed and edited this work. My wife, Sheron, who painted the watercolor which hangs in my office, and which was the basis for the album artwork. My parents, who taught me in the way I should go, and all those who encouraged me in musical worship. And to the One who is the beginning and the end, the Alpha and the Omega - the only one worthy of praise - come quickly Lord Jesus.

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Artist: Bob Arnold
Title: Arnold, Bob : Take on Wings
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 2/12/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637228973
UPC: 827836004305
Item #: SRD600430
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