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Love Never Dies

Love Never Dies


~ Bobby Cadmus

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Product Notes

What do you get when you cross a singer-songwriter with a guitar virtuoso? With Bobby Cadmus you get this and a whole lot more. From coffeehouses to concert halls, Bobby has entertained audiences with a unique blend of sounds and stories. With the addition of Joe Russo on bass and David Wiesner on drums, he is able to strike his listeners with a 3 dimensional attack that leaves one wondering: 'How can only 3 people produce a sound so full and so complex?' The secret begins with a musician who has dedicated his life with learning and studying many types of music from the last 400 years to the present. When you have someone who has performed from singing Bach chorals, playing big band jazz guitar, playing drums in a blues band and singing and playing harmonica in a solo acoustic performance, you have more than just an ordinary performer. You have a musician who can be a clinician every time he sets foot on the stage. Next we have a writer and lyricist whose influences are so diverse and so vast, they range from 19th century slave's field hollers, Broadway shows of the middle 20th century, blues artists from the 1930s like Robert Johnson, and to artists of the latter half of the 20th century like Bob Dylan and the Beatles. With bassist Joe Russo,Bobby has found the perfect musician to extend and expand his musical arrangements to the stage as well as having someone capable of being able to give Bobby enough inspiration to grow. With David Wiesner on drums,Bobby has found a musician who has a knack of providing the dynamics and vitality needed to strengthen the group's intensity. David has helped breathe fresh air into the band with his valuable input and ideas giving Bobby and Joe room to augment their improvisations on the groups extended jams to a higher level. Experiencing Bobby Cadmus play live is a pleasure you won't soon forget and now with the release of the CD 'Love Never Dies', you can take that pleasure with you.

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Artist: Bobby Cadmus
Title: Love Never Dies
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 10/29/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637239183
UPC: 656613364727
Item #: SRD336472
This product is a special order