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Too Tiny to Try

Too Tiny to Try


~ Bombpop

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Bombpop's 'Too Tiny to Try' EP features 4 studio tracks, mirrored by bonus live versions. The EP features the guitar interplay, driving rhythms and songwriting/arranging partnership that has been Bombpop's stamp from the gitgo. The opening track, 'Yo La Tengo', is inspired by the name of the band Yo La Tengo, which is itself a play on the cry of a Spanish-speaking outfielder - 'I got it'. The song is not actually about the band, and seems to be about distance - in language, in geography, in friendships. Maynard Sipe's buzzing entreaty, 'Some Assembly Required', starts with an angular guitar call and response, revs up with a blend of distorted and wired vocal bed, maintaining it's intensity until the end...'Cut me up into little pieces' indeed. We revisit, re-interpret and re-title "Gun in the Apt", the leadoff track of our debut CD, "the day i had to explode". James Orchard-Hays handles the vocals of "New Gun for Laurylea", bringing a shimmering harmony to the mostly true story of a relationship that was destined to have some issues. We crash to a close with "(Been in the) Dumps", a roof raiser that we use to end our sets. The power pop harmonies and minor key bridge give way to a chaotic thumping lead by Mr. Puckett on lead, rhythm, soprano and bass drums, replicating the sound of a bus rolling down a mountainside...a really steep and tall mountainside...of a really tall unending mountain. The title of the song is another reference to YLT, as their Charlottesville-bred bassist has a side project band called "Dump". The live versions we're including are warts and all, but they're bonuses so we will accept no complaints. We will agree with you if you say that there's not enough bass in the mix. And yes, "Yo La Tengo" seems to have a few skips in it that make you think your CD player is broken. We include these in the spirit of those ROIR tapes that came out in the 80s, featuring poorly recorded shows by classic bands like Television, James Chance and the Bad Brains. We have the poorly recorded part down...just not the classic part. "Yo La Tengo" shows how the band can stretch out - an extended middle section weaving from guitar to bass to drums to guitar before returning to the song's coda. Jamie takes the lead vocals on "Gun" and "Dumps". "High" is included as a bonus of bonuses, and featuring an out of his head solo by Eric. Note about the CD: Each nature loving brown cardboard CD package features unique commentary about each band member which we'll produce until we get too tired to think of new insulting non sequiturs for one another. BAND BIO: Eric Bowers and Maynard Sipe have been the (least) common denominators of the group over the years. We have been overly fortunate to work with a host of Charlottesville musicians who are immensely talented, oddly dedicated, and extremely decent folk. They played certainly not for money, but just for the thrill of making a poppy noise in the climate-uncontrolled rehearsal attic and basement of the Casa de Rock on Cherry Avenue. In addition to Eric and Maynard, 'Too Tiny to Try' features: Rick Brown (guitar) Jamie Orchard-Hays (guitar, vocals) Tristan Puckett (drums)

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Artist: Bombpop
Title: Too Tiny to Try
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 11/19/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637230456
UPC: 634479665851
Item #: 1245602X
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