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Da 9 Records Presents Da Mixtape: Hungry 4 1

Da 9 Records Presents Da Mixtape: Hungry 4 1


~ Boot Up Click

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Product Notes

From the land of bayous and contagious Cajun slang, comes Louisiana's realest and hottest rap group to ever rise out of the boot-shaped state. For the last four years, the Boot Up Click has used their recipe of energetic rhymes and head-banging beats to cook up a gangsta gumbo for their underground fan base. Now the five-member crew is ready to serve the rest of the nation with a southern plate of homegrown gangsta and krunk music. Members of the Boot Up Click include Big Bias, B-Dub, Lil Greg, J-Will, and J-Peezy. In the northern Louisiana city of Monroe - where everybody hustles to live and lives to hustle - it seemed it was destined for the Boot Up Click to find their grind in music. Sons of DJ P.P.W., a longtime blues disc jockey in Monroe, J-Will and B-Dub were taught the abc's of soul music at an early age. But what turned these two potent rhyme-sayers to the rap game was their older bother, the late great underground rapper Cash. Before Cash died of Leukemia in 2001 at age 24, he had been featured on nearly a dozen rap albums and underground hits that received heavy airplay across the south. J-Will feels that if Cash had not suddenly died, he would have been signed to a major label. "He was really on his way to making it," J-Will said. "And I think that's what has motivated us the most. We just want to finish what he started." Today, the rap group is on their way to fulfilling their destiny. Turn on the radio or visit a hip-hop club in northern Louisiana and you'll hear the Boot Up Click's club anthems like "Drop it to the Floor" and "Get Loose With It" from their hit album Hungry 4 Bread Vol. I. Take a look at the dance floor and you'll see the rhythm ignited in everyone with a set of ears. While group members Lil Greg, Big Bias and J-Will, deliver the heavy gangsta lyrics, J-Peezy is seen as the lyrical mastermind and B-Dub is the laid back lady catcher. The Boot Up Click, representing 9 Records, is in the process of putting the final touches on Hungry 4 Bread Vol. II due out Fall 2006.

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Artist: Boot Up Click
Title: Da 9 Records Presents Da Mixtape: Hungry 4 1
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 8/1/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637231158
UPC: 634479357572
Item #: SRD935757
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