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8th Color

8th Color


~ Boulder Acoustic Society

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Product Notes

THIS CD IS OUT OF PRINT! WHEN CD BABY IS OUT, IT IS GONE FOR GOOD! Each member of BAS comes from a different musical world, and the resulting mix is what makes their music so special. Shredding guitar licks, soaring gypsy violin, a little ukulele and the thump of an old time bass bounce around with a jazz accordion and creative percussion to create a new sound. It is American Roots music with the edge of punk rock and the grace of chamber music. This joyful chaos has defined BAS for the last four years of relentless touring, recording and rehearsing. They have crisscrossed the country countless times building a following the old fashioned way: by making connections with fans one at a time. From festivals to rock clubs, dive bars to house concerts, BAS has spread the word. And who is listening? Hipsters and hippies, punks and grandmas, kids and pickers, folkies and yuppies all 'get it' where it matters: deep down in that place that defies description. Speaking of defying description, what are people saying about BAS? Guitar whiz Tommy Emmanuel says, 'These guys are adventurous, entertaining, very original. I thoroughly enjoyed them.' Genre bending violinist Darol Anger describes them as, 'The future of String Band Music on a silver platter.' Their most recent CD, NOW was released in January 2007 and was produced by Greg Schochet. Brian Johnson of Marquee Magazine says: 'NOW is the type of album that old time traditional artists would have made had today's technology been available back then. It's crisp, refined and gives brilliant credit to the instrumentation, all without sounding too slick or overproduced. The light bouncy tracks simultaneously pay homage to American roots music, while also kicking sand in it's face by boldly saying, 'This is how we roll in Boulder.' The band's presentation is immaculate but loose, and it comes across as fun for listeners. It's rawness refined and it's damn good.'

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Artist: Boulder Acoustic Society
Title: 8th Color
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 1/24/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637231719
UPC: 837101129480
Item #: SRD112948
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