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~ Bradley Vail

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These songs are available individually at 22 top digital download sites! Bradley Vail grew up splitting his time between the rugged wilderness of Alaska and warm sun of California giving him a broad base of life experience and a sort of balance. Songs. Sometimes they strike a nerve and connect deeply. The right combination of music and lyrics can arouse any of a thousand emotions. These songs seem to speak directly to the listener as if with a private message. Is this about friendship? Is this about love? Is this about God? Try and see! 1) Way. A song of hope that challenges the old saying, 'How can you raise a kid in the world today?' Life with it's contructive way is still the most powerful. 'The Dark is getting darker, but the Light is getting brighter.' 2) Price. In-your-face, but funny freedom song that points out arrogant, futile and wrong attempts from both left and right forces to mold our society and even existence to match their designs. 'I will pay the price for living free...' 3) Dove. (like dive) Gentle song that utilizes baptismal imagery to describe the transending power of Godly love. 'A brilliant life can come undone for fear and pride... We had to dive, and take the plunge to come alive.' 4) To Love You. Gushing and unashamed, a true and universal love story is told during the length of one song. 'I'm gonna surf every wave that you make, and I'll climb every mountain you form... 'cause I drink from the fountain of life and it flows from your heart, where it's born.' 5) Love's Own Song. Haunting harp and western guitar frame a message of encouragement and consolation. This song has actually been used at a handful of funerals and added to the library of a video company for use in memorial/tribute pieces. 'If you wish that this cup pass you by, I felt the same.' 6) Your's Are. Focuses on the senses we relate most with... sight, sound and touch. This song relates the surprise and the gift it is to be loved unconditionally. 'Your's are the eyes, your's are the ears, your's are the hands that draw me near.' 7) Dragonfly. Key life moments, defining moments, brought to awareness by the appearance of a dragonfly, a butterfly, and a firefly. Markers. Reminders, like pixies or tiny guardian angels calling us to take notice of the now. '...when up from the reeds, there rose a dear, old friend... she came to remind me of a promise kept...' 8) Chair. Inspired by the C.S. Lewis book, 'The Silver Chair,' this song points to our tendency to drift away from our ideal selves into a sort of spellbound, and self serving 'other' character. Then, in some rare and lucid instant, we see it all clearly and are ashamed. 'In this chair... I'm free... I'm here... I'm me.' 9) Arrived. Celebrates arriving children and new life in general. This song calls us to make a life centered on the little ones we're entrusted with, instead of ourselves, and to recognize that as success. 'I can see the right from the wrong... I know we belong, my love... we have just arrived.' 10) Joy. Not the same thing as Happiness! Joy is deeper, and stronger. Joy is adoring our life with all it's turns. Gratitude. 'Maybe all those things we put our hopes in, let us down... maybe sometimes we just choose to fall... startled by the morning I awoke to face today... with something precious found inside us all... Joy. Joy bigger than happiness.' 11) I Rely. Motown inspired pop song. When you love someone, you're willing to draw them back if something comes between you. Kind words or a sweet song might do the trick! 'followed that trail of tears to find you, hoping that all these years remind you, we will ride the storm together...' 12) Reach You Soon. Lonely tremolo guitar introduces a regretful and apologetic expression of surviving love. Reminiscent of Willie Nelson's 'Always On My Mind.' 'Now I know I pushed you out... with all my heartless fear and doubt... so I was hoping that you might... let me be born again tonight.' 13) Whose Eyes. This 'drum circle' style song utilizes more than 35 percussion instruments and runs most of it's length without lyric. When the lyric finally arrives, it baits non-believers to explain the blatant presence of the divine in the lives of those of us who bow to the One God. 14) Gospel. (Greek: good news) God is Love, and Love is going to get to you. Each of us will inevitably become believers... after that, we live in the light or just lie to ourselves. '...down on my knees, I tried to sneak out... didn't want to believe, but I lost all my doubt... and bathed in the warmth of what I never will prove... The Gospel'

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Artist: Bradley Vail
Title: Decloaked
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/24/2003
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637232512
UPC: 634479041327
Item #: CDBY904132
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