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Gently Destructive

Gently Destructive


~ Brainshake

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September 1998, the two brothers Loek and Pim Arnoldus decided to give a new impulse to the mundane band-circuit in their hometown Hellevoetsluis by starting a band. They recruited Michel Vermeulen, David Windregde and Eric Kalsbeek, sat themselves behind their new instruments and got cracking. A name was thought up quickly: the idea of using a word with the connotations of a brain-concussion appealed to each member of the band. Brainshake - a non-existent English word - sounded killer, and, for illustrative purposes, was complimented with the word 'milkshake'. The name Brainshake Milkshake was a fact. Inspired and driven the band started shop. In search of a musical direction the quintet investigated punk-riffs filled with grunge-like melodies with influences rooted in the alternative music scene (i.e. Nirvana, Green Day, Soundgarden and Rage Against the Machine). David Windredge lost interest in the enterprise within the first few rehearsals, the remaining band members however, had great chemistry going, and one after the other song was hammered out. Approximately six months later this lead to the demotape 'Abderite Democritus', recorded in the 'Mach' studio in a mere three hours. The 6-track tape was sold at Brainshake Milkshake's first-ever gig in theatre-café 'Mach' in Hellevoetsluis, this café also being home to the band's rehearsal studio. Somehow, the style of music was not quite what the band-members had in mind, and doubt struck Brainshake Milkshake. They wanted to play heavier music, and incorporate more metal in the compositions. Bands such as Korn and Soulfly were what the buzz was about those days, and playing into this resulted in the expansion of Brainshake Milkshake's range of influences. The band started to experiment: heftier riffs, more varied melodies and vocal parties darkened the character of Brainshake Milkshake. Eric discovered his capabilities as a grunt vocalist, and began refining the techniques thereof. Still, the feeling remained that 'something' was missing, as it turns out the missing element was a second guitar player. Marcel Bijl was recruited to take up that position in January 2000. The latter's former band Impassive had stopped, and as it was, Marcel was cut out for the job. Marcel's influences (Morbid Angel, Korn and Slayer) surfaced in the compositions almost immediately, and Marcel's 7-string guitar made it's presence known. The new sound for Brainshake Milkshake started to develop further, the compositions were of a darker, more serious character. As such, the rather humorous band name was no longer appropriate: the word 'milkshake' was subsequently cut from the name. With the new style ever developing, and the ever increasing number of songs, Brainshake started to focus on their passion for live performances. The second demo, 'Live at Wallenpop Y2K', needless to say a live demo, was the next step down the line, one received enthusiastically by the growing fan-base. The ideal formation was, however, not yet achieved. This was due to the fact that not every band-member was happy with Brainshake's current musical direction. As such, Michel Vermeulen split in 2001, only to be promptly succeeded by Phillippe Scheffer. Fervent Brainshake-fan as he was, inaugurating him in the band was a breeze. The time had come to review Brainshake's accomplishments to date. The band-members were satisfied with neither of the demo's: both the songs and production left much to be desired, and the tracks from 'Abdernite Democritus' were no longer on the playlist. More to the point, the existing demo's were not providing the band with enough live shows. In May 2001 the band took to the 'Otherside' studio, and after three days of rigorous work demo number 3 was finished: 'Silicon King'. This demo contained four well received, hot tracks with which the band managed to land larger shows (among others the 4Tune 'Crossover Crash I'). After a series of shows in e.g. 'de Melkweg', 'Paradiso' and 'Nighttown' and a stack of sold demos Brainshake was ready for the big-time: in other words, the recording of a full-length album. They headed up to the 'Otherside' studio once more, only this time for a longer period of time. The missing link was a record deal, this too changed when '4Tune Records' in Amsterdam came knocking. The label had heard of Brainshake through 'Silicon King' and, as the studio album neared completion, signed the band in 2002. Brainshake had reached a career turning point. The album 'Gently Destructive' was released in November 2002, was presented during the '4Tune Showcase' (featuring the other 4Tune bands Agresión, Motherfed and Retturn) and was received exceedingly well by both fans and press. Both Marcel Bijl and Phillippe Scheffer were swapped with Jerome Bohg and Michel 'MuD' and Brainshake embarked on a club-tour, hitting the stage with labelmates Agresión and fellow nu-metallers Wowbeggar, and climaxing at the winning of the MTV 'Local Band' competition for the summer festival 'Fields of Rock' where Brainshake was booked as opening act. The first single for the album is the killer track 'Sleep Messiah', for which the band recorded a video-clip. The clip will be broadcasted on both 'the Box' ('ontheRoxx') and MTV's 'Rockzone'. Brainshake looks forward to kicking it this summer and beyond as they indeed seem to be hitting the big-time.

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Artist: Brainshake
Title: Gently Destructive
Genre: Heavy Metal
Release Date: 5/17/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637232744
UPC: 8716059999647
Item #: 469343X
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