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Just Beyond the Clouds

Just Beyond the Clouds


~ Psalmist Brenda Griffin

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Product Notes

I thank God everyday for the gift of music and song writing. As far back as 5 years of age, I can remember singing. At times, my father would sing around the house, and when he got stuck on a particular part of a song, he would call the 5 of us, his children, in the room and have us to harmonize the entire song while he searched the scales of 'That's not it dad' for the sister notes. I would ask God daily for music and words that would comfort His people. I then began to ask for an anointing to write like never before and that I only write and sing what He tells me--And God, did just that. Although I had written many songs in the past, I could not attempt to explain the anointing on my life to write such inspiring music and words as I do today. I only know to give God the Glory. On August 11, 1996, 3 days before having one of many major surgeries, I gazed out of my window, looked into the sky, and asked God to speak into me a song that would comfort me in my time of healing. Then the words, 'LOOK for Me, JUST BEYOND THE CLOUDS' came to me. This is the title of my first CD and He began to bless me with another CD 'I WORSHIP FROM MY HEART', and a book entitled--WHEN HURTING DOESN'T HURT: A PERSONAL STORY. I then realized that God would surely give ME the desires of MY heart as long as He gets the Glory. In the early Spring of 1999, I met a powerful and anointed woman and man of God by the names of Prophet Irvin A Whitlow and Prophetess Sonja M Whitlow. Our friendship grew so that in September of 1999, I moved to Bloomington Indiana to attend Indiana University School of Medicine and became part of a blessed ministry--Revival Deliverance Edification Center (RDEC). I immedialtely began to work in the ministry as an anointed Praise and Worship Leader, under the Pastor Prophet Irvin A Whitlow. He would always call me his 'Psalmist.' For years I never clearly understood this title, until one day returning home to Pensacola FL. God then began to remind me of David in the book of Psalms. David, inspired by GOD, was known to had written most the of book of Psalms, and how indeed he was a 'praiser.' Today, I open up with Prasie and Worship for EVERY conference Prophet Irvin A Whitlow and Prophetess Sonja M Whitlow host. I was an active Praise and Worship Leader, Choir Director, and Associate Minister at Restoration International Praise and Worship Center under the leadership of Bishop Leon and Melba Rankins. I thank God for the elevation in ministry where I now preside as Minister of Music at El Bethel Word of Truth Worship Center under the leadership of Apostle D. Jerome Kidd in Pensacola FL. I thank and bless God for Prophet Irvin and Prophetess Sonja Whitlow for being in my life, and for being there as my 'Spiritual Parents,' for truly, they have been like parents to me, even whey my parents were not near. I am also proud to say that there is nothing like a good 'beat down' of correction, especially coming from 'Mommy and Daddy Whitlow.' To GOD truly be the Glory for the things He has done, and is doing through me and with me. My strength comes from the Lord--He who is able to keep me in MY time of trouble and need. As a Psalmist, and also anointed for Praise and Worship, I heeded to the voice of God and accepted my calling as a 'Minister in the Gospel.' On February 10, 2002, I spoke to give my first initial sermon: 'Suppose This Was Real...' After this day, God really began to bless me in a way that was surely to blow my mind. He really begain to bless me in a way that even my 'natural man' could not began to understand. I continue to let God use me daily. I thank and praise God everyday for the messages that He has anointed me thus far to write, that I may minister to His people; for truly it was He who has (J.E.S.O.) 'Justified, Equipped, Sanctified, and Ordained' from the Heavens that I walk in this calling, and to understand that 'MAN' did not call me into this level. I'm proud to be a vessel of the Lord, that He may continue to pour into me ALL HE has for me. It's simply blessed to be a 'J.E.S.O.' woman of God.

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Artist: Psalmist Brenda Griffin
Title: Just Beyond the Clouds
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 2/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637222285
UPC: 806217003724
Item #: 134435X
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