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Brendan Murphy

Brendan Murphy


~ Brendan Murphy

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Product Notes

(1) FUN TODAY In this modern world there is a tendency to want everything here and now. A sentiment explored in this John Mayer like tune. (2) SLEEP FOR A WEEK Brendan wrote this song inspired by his wife coming home from work exhausted. Some of us work so hard we'd love to escape by going to sleep for a week. If you love Elvis Costello and the Beatles this song is for you. (3) DJs SHARING NEEDLES This parody of the commercialization of hip hop music is a hysterical look at how wanna-be mummy's boys dress up like gangsters, jumping on any musical bandwagon to become popular. A must listen for all music fans. Particularly recommended if you appreciate the comedy of Weird Al Yankovich with a contemporary twist. (4) THE SECOND MOUSE Brendan seems totally at home singing this track. It's like it was meant to be. (5) IT'S NOT EASY A looking glass into the justice system where legal procedure has blurred reality and truth. Set to catchy reggae beat that any Bob Marley fan would enjoy. (6) NOTHING TO LOSE There is no stronger position to be in than having nothing to lose. Recorded in the style of Jack Johnson and Ben Harper. (7) PUPPYDOG PUSHOVER (Featuring Frances Burns) A comical tale of the old adage "treat 'em mean, keep 'em keen. No matter what the character does her significant other sticks around for more of the same. Catchy pop with amusing lyrics. Imagine combining Elvis Costello with Hilary Duff. (8) BETTER LIARS It's impossible to compete with people who lie to you. Rockin' acoustic guitar and a nice rhythm section drives this track. (9) YOU'RE SO CHEAP Groovy little track - "You're so cheap that you might as well be free" (10) DROP INTO THE SUN (Featuring Meaghan Murphy) This beautiful song borrows language and images from the myth of Icarus as it details the disintegration of a relationship. Meaghan's spine-tingling vocal delivery is perfectly complemented by the sensitive backdrop of acoustic sound. Recommended if you like Norah Jones (11) CAN'T TAKE IT Earthy acoustic guitar and a haunting vocal melody drive this desperate confession. Written in the style of a U2 or Coldplay ballad. (12) CINDERELLA Wonderful collage of imagery set to an acoustic rock backdrop. "Cinderella won't you take me to the ball. Cinderella won't you take me to the ballgame." (13) PRIDE OF PLACE Brendan loves to create songs based around the behaviour of crazy mal-adjusted characters. This explores an individual who feels the entire world revolves around them and the lengths they will go to in order to become the centre of attention. Recommended for Elvis Costello fans. (14) COMMON FOLK TALE An amusing modern day folktale of the common folk. Featuring the banjo playing of Dave Carter. (15) HURTIN' ONCE AGAIN Originally written as a punk song, Brendan decided to record this with a jazz feel. Brendan has recently completed the self-titled follow up to his 2002 debut GOODTIMES. The new recording is a 15-track collection of carefully constructed and lovingly recorded tunes as eclectic and unique as Brendan himself. Local Newcastle legend Dave Carter was responsible for capturing Brendan's songs as he had dreamed. Aside from duties at the console, he added vocal harmonies, a special banjo performance and completed the rhythm section along with Craig Lancaster who lent his talents on drums and percussion. Guest artists Meaghan Murphy and Frances Burns were called in to sing songs Brendan felt would be better served with their voices and personalities.

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    Title: Brendan Murphy
    Genre: Rock
    Release Date: 8/12/2008
    Label: CD Baby
    Product Type: CD
    Catalog #: 5637228863
    UPC: 9319505824082
    Item #: CDBY058240
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