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Drummers Speak

Drummers Speak


~ Brian Andres

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Product Notes

Like many other drummers I found myself beating out rhythms on any stationary object from an early age. The impetus to create sound, to find rhythm urged me to fill space and silence. I found the perfect voice for myself when I first sat behind a drum set. I believe it is the drum that chooses us, not vice versa. My lifelong dedication to rhythm and sound has nurtured a passion for Afro-Cuban music. The San Francisco Bay Area has historically been a hotbed for Latin Drummers. Players such as Armando Peraza, Francisco Aguabella, Benny Velarde and Orestes Vilato paved the way for John Santos, Michael Spiro, Jesus Diaz and Paul VanWageningen. Continuing in this tradition are the percussionists featured on this CD: Carlos Caro, Sandy Perez, Patricio Angulo, Colin Douglas and John Ulloa. A drummer can speak not only with his hands or his sticks, but also through composition. The true highlight of this recording lies in the fact that all the composers featured on this CD are themselves drummers, drummers whose careers have influenced me tremendously. As players, composers, or band leaders they have all set a standard of excellence we all strive to achieve. It is with much love and respect for them and their work that I feature their tunes on this recording. I have been honored to work with my fellow Bay Area musicians to lend a voice to these compositions. The journey has been both challenging and inspirational. So whether with sticks, hands or the composer's pen, listen to the drummers speak. Featuring the tunes Complicacion by Francisco Aquabella, Estampa Cubana by Armando Peraza, Song for Chano by Ray Barretto, Manteca by Chano Pozo, Sister Cheryl by Tony Williams, Cual es la Idea by Tito Puente, Adios Mario by Bobby Sanabria, Toffi by Art Blakey and Where or Wayne by Jack DeJohnette.

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Artist: Brian Andres
Title: Drummers Speak
Genre: Jazz
Release Date: 9/7/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234046
UPC: 700261213804
Item #: SRD121380
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