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Pocketful of Change

Pocketful of Change


~ Brian Caudill

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Product Notes

Brian Caudill was born and raised in Lexington, Kentucky. His exposure to music came very early through Southern Baptist church choirs and listening to his mother's collection of Elvis records. A toy guitar, given as a gift at the age of 5, was a glimpse of things to come. Teenage years were spent in and out of various bands in Lexington, none of which had much direction, but a lot of passion. Once relocating to Clearwater, Florida in 1989, he bought a guitar from an elderly man who had an ad in the paper, selling his collection of old acoustic and electric guitars. "Through the years, I have acquired a very diverse taste for different genres of music. Blues, rock, jazz and country all hold a place in my heart". In his early twenties, armed with that guitar and a few songs, he began playing open mic shows around town. He soon met other musicians to jam with and formed a band called "Barrellhouse. After developing some worthwhile original material, he moved on to a solo career. Eventually joining a band named "Betty's Not a Vitamin". After two years of playing small clubs, a few large shows, such as opening for "The Blue Oyster Cult", and a couple close shots at the big time, they eventually went their separate ways. "I continued playing solo shows at the beach bars like "Frenchy's Rockaway" where I met a local legend Sal Belloise who took me under his wing and allowed me to play along with him and learn more about live performances". Since those days, he has played thousands of gigs in the Tampa Bay area. "I have seen every scenario from the performer's point of view you could imagine. The experiences of my live performances are proving to be invaluable. Furthermore, I am lucky to have become acquainted with many very talented musicians in the region and have learned many lessons from each of them". Brian's debut CD, "Pocketful of Change" is a diverse collection of the many styles he has been influenced by through the years. The songs are as diverse as the situations from which they arose. From pure rock to country ballads and even acoustic guitar driven pop, the lyrics draw in the listener while painting a picture with simple arrangements. "Music is a constant in my life. I can always look to it for inspiration. I hope you all enjoy the music that has come from the depths of my soul. It is important for me to share my efforts with those willing to lend an ear".

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Artist: Brian Caudill
Title: Pocketful of Change
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 1/6/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234110
UPC: 884501070805
Item #: SRD107080


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