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Storms Inside

Storms Inside


~ Brian Douglas Phillips

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Product Notes

Brian Douglas Phillips sees himself primarily as 'a lyricist,' but the sweeping, heartbreaking sounds on his latest record suggest that there's much more at work. In the spring of 2005, Brian released 'The Storms Inside,' a collection of haunting folk songs packed with chilling lyrics and lonesome melodies. On the five-track EP, Brian whispers the secrets of captive hearts, screams regret for a tongue held and love forgotten, and wrestles with the meaning and morals of art. 'There's a lot of heart in this record,' Brian said. 'I bled all over those songs. I was shooting for something more vulnerable, and I think I hit it.' 'The Storms Inside' was produced by studio veteran Steven Collins, an internationally distributed artist who's production credits include the likes of Doug Burr, Brandon Johnson, Greg Pherigo and Tim Gibbons. 'Working with Steve was a great move,' Brian said. 'His work has a timeless and ghostly vibe, and that's exactly what these songs needed. He helped expose the soul and the pain on this record.' On 'The Storms Inside,' Brian breaks from the blues-y pop of 2003's 'A Little Gun Shy' and tips his hat to artists like Nick Drake, Elliott Smith, Ryan Adams and Wilco. ''A Little Gun Shy' showcased a different side of my writing,' Brian said. 'I wanted something commercial at the time, and that's what I got. With 'The Storms Inside,' I wanted something spooked-out and cold, so we recorded in the dead of winter in an all-but-abandoned Texas town, and I wouldn't change a thing.' Since the release of 'A Little Gun Shy' in the fall of 2003, Brian has spent his weekends on the road, captivating audiences in coffee shops and college towns with his passionate and charismatic performances. Brian has shared the stage with a number of talented artists, including Bebo Norman, Deadman, Ed Cash, Aaron Watson, Jason Morant, Tara Leigh Cobble and others. 'Sometimes I think I'm most honest on stage,' Brian said. 'It sounds off, but performing draws out the truth. There's something spiritual and mysterious about music that allows me to bare my soul and scream my secrets. I know I'm human, and I know people have been where I've been. If I can help articulate those experiences and feelings, I've done my job.' - 07/05.

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Artist: Brian Douglas Phillips
Title: Storms Inside
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 2/22/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234173
UPC: 825346916422
Item #: SRD691642
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