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No. 1A

No. 1A


~ Bright Out

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In 2005, Detroit musicians todd glass and alex trajano spent weekday mornings talking about their favorite records, producers, artist and films. Based on those discussions the pair developed a concept that led to the writing and recording of their debut ep, ..1a at trajano's thrilla park recording laboratory. MEMORY fragile and personal at times, stories of love, sex, vice and family are rendered with vocal harmonies at the forefront. Bright out draws you into the world they create. It embraces you, somehow it's about you. DECONSTRUCTION ..1a, is the first in a series of musical essays navigating pop and jazz genres; sidestepping the trappings thereof. Bright out brings to bear their influences: my bloody valentine, steve reich, wilco, beatles, brian wilson, the cars, prince, sonic youth, david bowie, ornette coleman, and philip glass. A SOUND post-modern chaotic blend with a fresh look at guitar and bass tones, lyrical riffs, layered textures and warm drum sounds. The music retains just enough moodiness to honor itself, leaving you with the idea that freedom is real. You are alive __ Under The Radar mag reviews Bright Out .1A under the radar magazine, summer 2005 Bright Out: ..1a Some bands in their infancy have good tunes, but they fall short in the area of arrangements. They forget for example, that in a given song, verse two can overlay some keyboards that weren't; there in verse one; or that a 30- second coda can have nothing to do rhythmically or melodically with the three minutes of music preceding it; or that as much attention can be paid to making the drums sound different from track to track as one pays to the guitar tones. Bright Out isn't one of those bands. The Detroit- based duo of Todd Glass and Alex Trajano have created a six song demo of textured, guitar-based music (okay, you can call it indie rock) featuring sharp lyrics and atmospheric playing. While all the songs are worthwhile, the best are the airy 'Secret Happy Man,' with it's Teenage Fanclub-style harmonies, 'Wait So Long,' whose warm fuzz evokes recent Sonic Youth, and 'Home,' a slow-building number ending in a percussive clatter of Bad Plus proportions. 7 Blips out of 10 (Growth Potential: 9/10) by Matthew Christoffersen.

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Artist: Bright Out
Title: No. 1A
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 11/28/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234752
UPC: 634479440854
Item #: CDBY944085
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