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Ghetto Around the World

Ghetto Around the World


~ Shining Light Band

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***BONUS MUSIC VIDEO INCLUDED*** Brilho de luz Band is Brazilian Portuguese for Shining Light. Brilho de Luz takes listeners and viewers on an inspirational and melodious journey with their soulful and energizing rhythms. Their original music is composed of Afro-Brazilian beats, strongly influenced by the samba, pagoda and frevo of Bahia, Brazil. The musicians and singers of Brilho de Luz fuse their sound with reggae, funk, soul, rock, rhythm & blues and hip hop. The lyrics of their unique songs are performed in Portuguese and English. The message is positive and inspirational, focusing on love, peace and empowerment. They play a variety of Brazilian and African percussion and folkloric instruments. Brilho de Luz inspires their audience with the timbal, surdo, bacurinha, djembe, congas, tabla, sabar, berimbal, drums, guitar, bass, piano and flute. Brilho de Luz Band believes that music has no strict genres, and no fixed categories. Reggae and rock, Brazilian, heavy metal, jazz and hip hop all fuse together. Instruments, from djembes of West Africa, tablas of India, surdos of Brazil and guitars of America and Japan jam together for great stimulating sounds! The world is one and multicultural. North meets South and East meets West. As life has different characters, so our music has different melodies, energies and vibrations. The love songs like Beleza, Take Me With You and Nega de Tranca can make you cry or fall in love again. You will not be able to sit in your seat and may find yourself dancing around the house to Bahia Con Amor, Natureza, Balanca and Everybody Party. These songs are hot for your next party! Music has always been a force for social change. Songs like Ghetto, Barco and Rise Up attest to this fact. In the music video "Ghetto" you will see children from around the world whose families struggle to survive. Please join our vision for a better world, especially for those in poverty. Brilho de Luz Band is part of the wonderful tradition of creative and soulful musicians being international peace messengers. Enjoy...feel the natural high and be inspired by the music of Brilho de Luz Band. Brilho de Luz invites the young and old of all cultures to dance to it's passionate beats. Let Brilho de Luz shine it's light upon your soul! BAND MEMBERS' BIOS Binho Shining Composer, Vocalist and Percussionist The creative musician, Jailson "Binho" da Silva was born in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil. The unique Afro Bahian sound has influence Binho since he was born. At age 7 he started playing percussion under the tutelage of his older brother, Jorge "Mad Max" Barata, who was one of the band members to play with Carlinhos Brown. Binho developed his talents as a composer, vocalist and percussionist. In Brazil he toured with Master Senac, Band Connection and Ile Aiye. With Ile Aiye, the largest Afro Brazilian band, Binho performed with Beto Jamaica, Tatau do Ara Ketu and Margareth Menezes. Binho's talents as a percussionist and vocalist were soon recognized in Europe. He toured Germany, Spain, Italy, the U.K., France, Switzerland and Morocco with Heath Hunter, the German R&B recording artist. His performances were also broadcast on European television with wide press coverage. Beginning in 2001 in the U.S., Binho has performed with Silvana Magda, Silvia Barnes, Omar Ben Hassan from The Last Poets and the Café Wha Band. Binho performs at some of the hottest clubs in New York City including SOB's Pacha and the Copacabana to name a few. In 2007, Binho was invited to perform on Fox Channel 5's The Mike and Juliet Show, which was broadcast nationwide. He is a much sought after composer and arranger of lyrics, rhythms and melodies. His universal genres include Brazilian, African, reggae, rap, soul, fun, R&B, rock, jazz etc. Binho is the co-owner of Brilho de Luz's record label, Brazil Brooklyn Connection, Inc. Brilho de Luz has provided Binho Shining a band and structure to create his original songs and carry out his musical vision. His inner brilliance and need to express himself as a musician and poet has led him to create unique rhythms, lyrics and songs on an almost daily basis...Braa! Senfu'ab Stoney Composer, Vocalist and Percussionist Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, with Panamanian roots, Senfu'ab Stoney has been playing percussion since he was six years old. His parents, both of whom are musicians and his strongest musical influence, gave him the priceless gift of the love for music and his favorite drum, a djembe. Senfu'ab's passion is to create music at it's greatest level and he continues to strive for perfection. Recently Senfu'ab performed with Wyclef, KRS 1, Roots and Ankrah. In 2006 he performed on national television on BET's Hip Hop Awards and also on MTV's Make the Band 4. Senfu'ab has also played with Indoda, a percussion group for whom he created drum arrangements, Forces of Nature, a theatre group based in New York City, with Ile Aiye in the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, Silvada Magda at S.O.B.'s and other venues including Heritage, Asasseya, Spark a Genius and S. Productions. Senfu'ab also teaches and performs at Studio 22, the Long Island music school. Senfu is the co-owner of the production company, Shift Happens, which creates tracks, film scores, beats and jingles. Senfu'ab is a talented vocalist, pianist and composer. He has toured expansively, playing music for people of all ethnicities. Brilho de Luz Band is special to Senfu because it gives him the opportunity to perform, mix and record his own compositions...Broo! M'ten Halsey Rapper and Percussionist Born in Brooklyn and rooted in African-centered thinking, percussionist and spoken word artist M'ten Halsey is a product of an upstanding and talented family. He has traveled around the world spreading his cultural message with his spirited drum rhythms and powerful lyrics. M'ten has been drumming since he was five years old. He has performed in London, the Bahamas and throughout the United States. He has also performed with numerous companies such as Asasseya Drum and Dance Troupe as well as Bennu Ausar Dancers and Drummers. M'ten has taught in many settings for private students and large classes including the Ausar Ausel School in Brooklyn and the Gloria Eve Performing Arts Foundation. M'ten says "my goals are to preserve African-American culture through music and to promote cultural awareness because it seems people forget or don't know our roots and how powerful we are." M'ten met the like-minded musicians Senfu'ab and Binho in Brooklyn, New York and joined them to complete the founding trio that makes Brilho de Luz Band...Bre! Ricardo Palma Guitarist and Mixing Engineer Ricardo Palma was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil and started to play guitar at the age of twelve. By the age of fifteen he was performing at large venues and opening for well-known rock bands. At the age of twenty Ricardo came to New York where he started to work with some of the best Brazilian musicians including Paulo Braga, Grupo Rastape and Pimenta Malagueta. Ricardo has played regularly at established venues such as CBGB's, S.O.B.'s, the Bitter End, Club Cinema (FL) and Tuxedo Junction (CT). He has produced and engineered CDs of many different styles of music from heavy metal to reggae to classical to techno. Ricardo has performed with Brilho de Luz Band since 2003. He is the mixing engineer for Brilho de Luz's first CD, "Ghetto Around the World." Ricardo is well-respected in the music industry because very few guitarists can mix genres in their performances and recordings. Samba-reggae and heavy metal is not a contradiction for Ricardo! Ilya Janos Drum Set and Percussionist Ilya's cross-cultural roots from Ecuador, Mexico and Hungary make him very comfortable with a fusion of musical sounds. In Texas he grew up listening to a wide variety of Latin music. Ilya studied drumming and dance in Conakry, Guinea in West Africa. In Bahia and Rio de Janeiro he learned Brazilian drumming and dance. He has also studied piano, saxophone and guitar. In 2006 he played djembe on national television with Luis Fonsi at the Latin Grammy Awards. In 2007 Ilya and his own percussion group, Paliche, performed on the Fox Television Network. During the last 4 years he has performed in New York City at major clubs with many DJs and bands. Prior to that Ilya performed in Houston, Tx for over a decade.

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Artist: Shining Light Band
Title: Ghetto Around the World
Genre: International
Release Date: 12/4/2007
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637234800
UPC: 837101440080
Item #: SRD144008
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