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Brush Fire

Brush Fire


~ Brock Mackenzie

(Duplicated CD)
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Product Notes

Brock Mackenzie started his musical journey in Atlanta, GA. He started in music playing trumpet. He began playing guitar at the age of 11 and was heavily influenced by Jimi Hendrix,Van Halen, Steve Vai, Rush, Joe Satriani, and Al Di Meola. He performed in several alternative bands in Atlanta area including Inhock, Begin Sweet World, and The Screamin' Butterflies. The Screamin' Butterflies achieved local success with their signature songs of "Johnny" and "Steal". After leaving the stage in 1992, Brock began honing his compositional skills by writing for documentaries. After success in writing for independent films for companies such as PSG films and Gorilla Shoes Productions, Brock returned to the stage in 2008 with his guitar. Brush Fire is a guitar rock instrumental CD that has infectious melodies supported by tight grooves and dynamic guitar performances. This debut CD by Brock Mackenzie is a fresh perspective for the rock guitar instrumental genre. It has elements of virtuoso performances that are similar to classic CDs from Steve Vai and Joe Satriani. However, Brock employs some hip-hop grooves and elements that make Brush Fire a fresh stand out among other efforts in this genre. Check out 'Home Girls Under Pressure', which is a Santana like groove written for a noir thriller featurette about life in the Bronx. 'Build IT' is a tight groove with an engaging bass line that supports a guitar solo that builds throughout the tune and is highly kinetic. 'These Moments' features a very lyrical guitar melody that recalls the listener's most peaceful moments. 'New Groove' features a tight beat with some shred work that will quicken the heart beat of shred guitar enthusiasts everywhere. 'Brush Fire' has a thematic groove that supports a killer guitar lick and is anchored by an Entwistle-like distorted bass that rocks the bones. 'My Dreams Of You' spotlights a hot Latin groove with a fiery guitar melody and multiple solos. Check out the break in this tune! All tunes on this CD are blazing guitar instrumentals that are ready to rock your world!

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Artist: Brock Mackenzie
Title: Brush Fire
Genre: Rock
Attributes: Duplicated CD
Release Date: 3/16/2009
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637235108
UPC: 614346050881
Item #: 1323010X
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