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Brothers 3 Again

Brothers 3 Again


~ Brothers 3

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Product Notes

THE STORY b r o t h e r's 3 . . . again is both a reissue of our first, self-titled recording, and a new recording. Released in March of 1999, it represented our two years of development as a group, and remains the favorite recording of many of our fans, who keep it in their cars to ease their commute. At the time, the band consisted of Mark, Tom, and Tim Menikos, Steve Jones, and Martin McCall. When we came to the point of being within a few copies of needing to reorder, we decided (after much discussion) to go back to the original master tracks and record the parts that the remaining two Brothers 3 members - Betsy Menikos and Wayne McKinzie - play as part of the current arrangement of the tunes and songs. It also gave us a chance to re-mix and re-master to improve (according to our present tastes) the overall sound. The members of Brothers 3 sincerely hope that you enjoy this recording and appreciate our reason for doing what we did. We believe we have done everything within our ability to make this album the best it can be. THE MUSIC 1. Lark in the Morning / Langstrom's Pony (4:32) Two traditional Irish jigs. 2. The Wind That Shakes the Barley (3:44) A song of a man torn between love for his country and his woman. 3. High Reel (3:45) Somehow, this Celtic reel became a zydeco/boogie-woogie/shuffle. Hunh! 4. Are Ye Sleeping, Maggie? (5:26) As a man pleads with his love to let him in, an evocative image of the Scottish landscape is painted. 5. Dwyer's Hornpipe (2:58) What can we say? We are from Texas. . . 6. Band of Shearers (5:49) In this Scottish story of love among the fieldhands, the man promises that no matter what the discomforts, love will sustain them. 7. Stolen Apples (3:17) A jig, done as jazz waltz. You got a problem with that? 8. Crested Hens (4:51) A lovely waltz from the province of Bretagne in France. 9. The Priest and the Rake (4:59) A dialog between the sacred and the secular. 10. Maid in the Cherry Tree (3:46) A clockwork cherry! 11. Willie Macintosh (1:41) Following the murder of the Earl of Murray, the Macintoshes of Clan Chattan pillaged a castle and killed four men on an estate belonging to the Earl of Huntley. In retaliation, Huntly laid waste the lands of Clan Chattan. Returning home, he surprised the Macintoshes spoiling his lands and killed 60 of them. 12. A Fig for a Kiss /The Butterfly /Morrisson's Jig (4:49) The first two pieces are a dance form called 'slip jig:-3 beats of 3. These are followed by one of the most popular of all the Irish jigs of those that are played at ceili-dance and music sessions. THE DEDICATION Our sincere and heartfelt thanks go out to all the wonderful people who have supported and sustained us throughout the years. May all manner of blessings be visited upon you. Brothers 3 Recorded at T-MIX Studio 405 Chimney Hill Cir Mansfield TX 76063-5904 817-478-2478 Tom Menikos, Engineer Produced by Mark Menikos Mastered at T-MIX Studio by Tom Menikos Musical and Art Direction by Mark Menikos.

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Artist: Brothers 3
Title: Brothers 3 Again
Genre: International
Release Date: 2/15/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637235712
UPC: 825346597027
Item #: SRD659702
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