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Begin Again

Begin Again


~ Bruce Cook

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Product Notes

Bruce Cook serves up a delectable feast of rock and alternative songs for the adult listener. With a voice possessing the charm and emotion of Elton John or Sting and the strength of David Bowie, he sings songs of introspection and adventure, punctuated with moments of grace and style. 'Begin Again' is a collection of tunes that will immediately become a part of your every day listening; songs in which you are likely to hear something new with each play. Included is the #1 smash hit 'Amelia.' - Fred Wheeler, Indie Journal -Listening to the station, and I found another great song on here. It is a song by Bruce Cook called 'She is the Fire'. All I can think of as I listen is how much I would LOVE to just take the top off the car, and go cruising down I-10 while listening to this song at the loudest it will go. Something about this song reminds me of everything that was great about David Bowie...with maybe a little Echo and the Bunnymen. This is an excellent tune. I am listening again. -I think Amelia is one of the best written tunes I think I've ever heard. If you ever book a gig in NY and need guys for a back up group please don't hesitate to ask. -I just wanted to say, 'Amelia' is by far one of the very best songs on MP3 - I play it again and again ! It's the first song I have heard in ages that really grabs you. Congratulations on writing such a brilliant song - In my opinion it merits worldwide success. -I can't stop singing Darkest Moment. Your song really hit a nerve with me. I needed that song to help me through all the uncertainty I am going through. -I was able to download some of your songs onto mp 3. I listen to them all the time. You remind me a bit of 'Phil Collins', that sort of style. Thank you for your talents and music. -I love your music, lyrics, voice. Your whole style moves me and your songs illicit emotions from deep within my soul. Thank you -My friend,Cook I just wanna tell you that your songs are so precious and great, amazing my friends. Everybody love your songs very much, they are so great songs. Go a head on that song you compose, success forever, and that God bless you and gives you you all the best forever in your life. Thanks for this great CD.

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Artist: Bruce Cook
Title: Begin Again
Genre: Rock
Release Date: 6/22/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637236055
UPC: 611481023121
Item #: 135534X
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