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Don't Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine

Don't Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine


~ Bruce Fite

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Product Notes

What kind of music does award winning singer/songwriter Bruce Fite sing? Here at Brush Your Tooth Records we like to call it "Front Porch" music. You got it - it's the kind of music you might hear if you were just 'laxin' on the porch, drinkin' some iced-tea, trying to figure out how to get your dog's tail out of the ceiling fan (and how it got there in the first place). Bruce Fite's music is so much more than just "good, solid pet advice". Sure, his song "Don't Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine" has helped countless kitties to be spared from the dangers of large agitating appliances. His music also tells stories. From the formation of a Turtle/Squirrel Rock Band to the bitter-sweet ballad of a man who longs for the companionship of a mouse he once considered his prey. Versatility is a trademark of Bruce Fite's music. On his debut album titled "Don't Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine", you'll here Bruce playing and singing in various styles such as: Country/Bluegrass, Pop, Rock, Folk, and on and on. At first glance, Bruce might look like a mild-mannered fuzz-ball who sings funny songs; but if you listen closely you might just learn a few life-lessons along the way. When you see Bruce live in concert, you'll smile, laugh, cry, or possibly sneeze; His concerts have a warm, "front porch" feel. One minute you're listening to a song about good things to eat and the next minute you're bouncing around sweatin' like you just took a spelling test. One thing is for sure: Bruce Fite's music is good, clean fun for the whole family! Whether you see him at a school assembly, a church event, or anywhere else; the kids will be singing his songs in the most unexpected places and Mom, Dad, and the grandparents will smile while pondering his witty lyrics. If you'd like to have Bruce Fite come to your school, church, library, private party, or other event, click on the "Booking Button". Someone will contact you for availability and pricing.

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Artist: Bruce Fite
Title: Don't Put Your Cat in the Washing Machine
Genre: Children's
Release Date: 4/11/2006
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637236078
UPC: 837101165662
Item #: SRD116566
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