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~ "Brutha" Warren

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I was born in the \'Other Motown\' Buffalo, New York, home of notables like Brian McKnight ( B- Mac), Spyro Gyra, and of course Rick James. Being around Rick \'s family and the Parliament\'Funkadelic crew was fun but those times also taught me a great deal about the music industry. I come from a musical family; my grandfather played trombone with big bands during the swing era and my mother was a professional singer and played piano. I started singing seriously while in college, traveling around the region with the college choir was my first taste of \' being on tour\'. Most of my life I have fronted bands performing on college campuses and opening up for acts like B.B. King and Bobby Blue Bland we even auditioned for Rick James\' Stone City Band. ( We lost out to a group called \' Process and the Doo Rags\'. I took a long Hiatus from music but found my way back in the mid-90\'s . Now in California, I had two goals #1 to Dunk the basketball or # 2, get one of my songs played on a major radio station well.. I never did dunk the ball, however, two of my songs were featured on drive time play on W.U.F.O. radio Buffalo New York and I received limited play on KKBT 92.3 the beat in California. I somehow seem to get encouragement to continue with my song writing in the strangest ways. Nancy Wilson told me to follow my passion sensibly ( we sat next to each other at the airport ( who knew?) Smokey told me almost the same exact thing two weeks later ( we had a brief chat while he waited for his Limo to pick him up at Universal Sheraton hotel) Morgan Freeman and I were literally walking shoulder to shoulder out of the stadium after super bowl game 1996 (Dallas Vs Pittsburgh) He told me his plans to start directing movies, and how very important it is for Blacks to learn all facets of the movie industry. He suggested that I learn about the music business behind the scenes because that is where the real $ is. All these chance encounters left me feeling good about my creativeness. I shared the stage with the incomparable Stanley Clark one warm evening in San Diego. Stanley allowed me to jam with him. I started to leave the stage but he wanted me to close the show with him. Boy was my confidence soaring. Then the greatest encouragement of all, GOD told me that he is pleased with my abilities and wanted me to sing praises to him. So.... I started Gigging for God. I joined the church choir and praise team. It was while I was on the praise team (thanks Carla for ushering in the spirit of praise during rehearsals.) that God revealed to me how he wanted to use me. Gigging for God is far better than any of my previous worldly experiences. I am being used to minister to those who are hurt, depressed, in despair and are looking for something more than another booty song or \'man bashing song\' this is what the world is putting out today. Quite simply. I hope that my music and my music ministry will lead someone to salvation. I hope you will enjoy the messages in the album THE ALBUM F.I.G.H.T.S ( Faith In God Heals Troubled Souls)is the flagship album for the \'Fah-Son\' (father- son) music, recording and publishing label. I am the composer and producer of all the songs except for two \'New Life\' and \'Younger Version of an Older Me\' in which my son (Warren Jr) co-wrote and co- produced. I enlisted my friend Derek Dabbs of his New Orleans Based company,\'D-Dabbs Music\' to help arrange three of my compositions \'HE ROSE\' \'NO GREATER LOVE\' and \'DON\'T CHA KNOW\' Brandon White of SWEET MUSIC & ENTERTAINMENT was instrumental in realizing the purpose and vision of this musical masterpiece called F.I.G.H.T.S. If it sounds as if I am being arrogant ... good because it is a GODLY arrogance, I claim nothing. F.I.G.H.T.S Represents praises to God and will hopefully usher a spirit of acceptance to the Non- believer resulting in the Proclamation that Jesus Christ is Lord and Savior. And to encourage the believers to stand strong in the Lord and in the power of his might as you sing praises to him. Each song is intended to minister to you in such a way that you can\'t help but to give God the Praise and Glory for whom he is and what he has done for us. A portion of the proceeds from this album will go to support the young men, women, boys and girls who are involved in the FIGHTS Boxing ministry. THE SONGS 1. FIGHTS Words and Music by The \'Brutha\' Lead & Background Vocals -The Brutha Rap #1 Brandon Johnson Rap #2 Malcolm Franklin 2. No Greater Love Words and Music by The \'Brutha\' Lead and background vocals -The Brutha\' Keyboards & drum programming Derek Dabbs Lead Guitar Warren Williams Sax Steve Vaughn 3 Palm of His Hand Words and Music by \'Brutha Warren\' Lead and background vocals -The Brutha Female Voice - The \'Sistuh\' 4. Lord I.... Words and Music by The \'Brutha\' Lead Vocals - Gary Clark & Warren Merrion Morey Background Vocals - Erica Davis, The Brutha, Joanne Rutledge & Tony Grice ( Quiet Fire) 5.Rose Of Sharon ( Featuring Steve Vaughn) Saxophone The incomparable Steve Vaughn Words and Music by The \'Brutha\' Background Vocals - Erica Davis, The Warrenator Lead Vocal - \'Merrion\' 6.You Are Holy Words and Music by The \'Brutha\' Lead Vocals - Warren Morey Background vocals -Erica Davis, \'Merrion\', Tony Grice, Joanne Rutledge ( Quiet Fire) 7. New Life Words and Music by \'Warren Jr and Warren Sr. (FAH- SON)\' Lyrics By Janice\'s Son ( Da Brutha) Background Vocals Erica Davis, Mr. Morey 8 Serenity Music by \'Warren 9 Don\'cha Know Words and Music by The \'Brutha Lead Guitar Warren Williams Lead Vocals Warren M. Backgound Warren Jr,Warren Sr Keyboards Warren Jr 10. He Rose ( Featuring Steve Vaughn) Words and Music by \'Brutha Warren\' Vocals Warren Morey Saxophone Steve Vaughn Guitar Warren Williams 11. Younger Version/ Older Me written by Warren Jr,Warren Sr Lead Vocals Gary Clark & Warren Merrion Morey Bass Guitar Warren Merrion Morey Keyboards Warren JR. \' 12. Knockin at your Door Words and Music by \'Brutha Warren\' All Vocals Warren Morey 13. New life ( the Prayer) Words and Music by \'Brutha Warren\' All Vocals Warren Morey Interested parties may reach Fahson Records @ 909-474-9084 or

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Artist: "Brutha" Warren
Title: F.I.G.H.T.S
Genre: Gospel
Release Date: 10/4/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637236335
UPC: 634479172250
Item #: SRD917225
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