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Winter Gate

Winter Gate


~ Building the Cathedral

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Product Notes

Wintergate When I moved to Finland it was in late October, I came from a warm English autumn to what I thought was a probably warm Finish autumn, I was wrong. After landing in Vantar airport my next move was to get a bus to the middle of Finland, and that's when it started to snow; by the time I got to my new hometown that snow was a blizzard. I had been to my new house once before on a sunny August day but now here I stood in the dark in a bus station in the worst snowstorm I have ever seen with no clue what to do next, lost would be a good word at this point. The next few hours were interesting. First I got some groceries my thoughts at this time where move around the area see what I could remember, this worked I found a road I knew. So with my backpack full I set off along the road and got lost again. Moving through the dark with visions of having to stop and make a camp under some trees in my mind, when the snow stopped and the sky started to clear and I saw the milkyway as I had never seen it before, the pines trees as big as cathedral towers were silhouetted against a light grey backcloth and the planet Venus as big as a penny near the horizon. See me walking through a foot of snow my face turned up to see, well everything, as I had never seen it before. I am fond of saying that "Building the Cathedral" was born by a Finish lake in July with the sun shining and dragonflies as big as my thumb jousting, and that is true but it grew that night walking through a white forest under those bright stars and silence, Nothing can stay and nether did this time, cold then worry set in and I stated thinking of my friends back home probably in the pub at this time. What exactly was I doing here? Remember Venus as big as a penny; well it was eclipsed by a building and as it happened it was my new home. Inside, warmth, coffee, and thanks to the man who sold me the house a fire ready to put a mach to, home, but. I went back out to see that sky. See me now, with a hot cup of coffee and cigarette and a new home. Next, well dawn came as usual and I met my new neighbours, crows living in an abandoned summer cottage enjoying an early morning argument. The Wintergate, yep that's what I went through in a way. The next few days, well I had food, very little in the way of clothing, my belongings i.e. my computer, guitar, books telescope, warm cloths and bedding were suppose to arrive at about the same time as me, but didn't, they came a month after. A very good friend of mine is fond of pointing out that our ancestors where probably as clever as us but with less distractions got more done, well consider me a test case to prove this point because while waiting for my stuff I wrote most this material in my head, when the computer came I input it then left it to concentrate on the first CD. While finishing "a gathering of dark angels" (the project before this) I looked at this project again and finished it and here it is far more eloquent than my words here I hope.

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Artist: Building the Cathedral
Title: Winter Gate
Genre: Electronic
Release Date: 7/29/2008
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637237530
UPC: 845029001818
Item #: CDBY01818
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