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Prophecy Keeper

Prophecy Keeper


~ Bunny Sings Wolf

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Product Notes

This album garnered a coveted nomination in 2007 with Aboriginal Peoples Music Choice Awards! PROPHECY KEEPER is a very timely 28 minutes of soulful music on CD with haunting canyon echoing Native flute, heartbeat drum, chimes and acoustic guitar harmonies, storm winds and thunder sounds to compliment the meaningful words so heart-fully sent from the strength of a feminine voice you won't soon forget! (sounds like Joni). The creation of this CD was supported in part by a grant by the Wyoming Arts Council through funding from the National Endowment for the Arts. PROPHECY KEEPER has the kinds of sounds that relieve stress and give hope, being played on a number of satellite and Native American radio stations where listeners have been saying this is truly music for our time! In the sacred Black Hills surrounded by sage kissed prairie - where indigenous clans lived for centuries nurturing and respecting the land and it's diversity of creatures and plant life - Here a life-style was lived to preserve these resources and each tribe had their teachers, elders and wisdom keepers who had dreams and visions, and the receiving of prophecy, to help nurture, teach and protect life and keep good relationship with all living things in an effort to preserve and protect earth's abundance for generations who would follow in their footsteps. Bunny sends her soulful voice with flute, drum, chimes and acoustic guitar harmonies, wind and thunder (and surprise BONUS dreams songs included as a THANK YOU for these gifts of her own brand of Lakota-inflective Folk music from the sacred Black Hills)! In sound and soulfully reflective lyrics, this music represents life-ways based the teachings and prophecies harmonious with the natural created world that were passed on in story, song, and in written forms that, at least in word, have all agreed in general terms. They have served to warn that if ever people abandoned ways of living in harmony, ceased their practice of treating all peoples and life forms with honor and respect, that there would be large prices to pay in the future. Awareness is needed to recognize that we ARE the caretakers of the earth, and if, where we touch the earth or each other, or any created thing, we leave a hurt or a scar, or give nothing back in return, we are only killing our own selves and the life force gifted us with a thousand small wounds that could in theory kill the whole living planet as we know it. Yet, as storm clouds thicken overhead the growing number of people who awaken now to walk in truth, wisdom and awareness, harken the time that the prophecy for wholeness, healing and harmony has arrived! It is time now that people once again recognize with urgency and respect what is needed to become kind and in good relationship with all peoples from the four directions, the good earth, and it's diversity of life. We EACH, INDIVIDUALLY are a part of the great puzzle and EACH either becomes a part of the problem or the solution... it is our privilege as humans to have such a choice. So, in song we ask with humble hearts for the truth and wisdom to choose to become a sincere Prophecy Keeper and to grow to understand the wisdoms passed down to each of us from whatever our culture, our family background, or our location on the planet, that we each may take the opportunity within our unique place in the cosmos, and decide now to live and work in harmony in the ways given each of us to BEST use our own sacred gifts and talents to HONOR LIFE in all our relations. Mitakuye Oyasin (Lakota - we are all related, all my relations) For photos, information on how the song came to BE, and more, please visit Bunny's awesome website! Click on link at left. When you Buy and share this CD we thank you for your help to raise money for Bunny's best next album due out soon!!!

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Artist: Bunny Sings Wolf
Title: Prophecy Keeper
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 9/27/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637237831
UPC: 634479164200
Item #: SRD916420
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