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Stereo Mash Up

Stereo Mash Up


~ Burning Babylon

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Product Notes

Review from Jammin Reggae Archives ( '...even better than last year's Knives to the Treble. ...both refreshingly unique and true to the best traditions of rootswise instrumental reggae. Stereo Mash-Up is infused with positive energy -- the sound is always heavyweight, but never dark. Note in particular the sweetly simple ska groove of 'Pressure Tones' and the funky-fresh 'Soundshack Rockers,' not to mention his wonderful update of the 'Stalag 17' rhythm on 'Heavy Dread.' Brilliant!' Review from Small Axe at 'Slade Anderson comes again with some new style dub - featuring solid reggae rhythms from a variety of eras mixed in with samples - and like the first set it's all great stuff. It's not roots dub, it's just dub - you can hear the man's real love of reggae music - and that's all it takes. Trying to reproduce something is not his style. This is dub 30 years on from when dub first made it's mark in Jamaica - but what makes it really good is that it's firmly rooted in the reggae tradition. Samples yes - gimmicks NO! A truly great set...' Review from Dub Flash at (Stereo Mash Up) '**** (4 Stars) - 'Stereo Mash Up' is already the fifth release from Boston based dub producer Slade Anderson aka Burning Babylon. Like his previous releases BB mixes old school roots vibes with some funky, modern styles which leads to a wild, pumping mix of roots dub causing positive vibrations and making bodies move. 15 tracks can be found on the album. The range goes from absolutely funky, head nodding, tunes like 'Addis Red Dub' to sweet-melody-pop-reggae ('Pressure Tones'...) to smooth soul-dub ('Midnight To Six'; a new style is born?) to punk-dub ('Zamora Version'; sounds like The Clash meets Ruts DC) to wild stepper orgies ('Trouble Dub'; including Eastern sounds). Burning Babylon, a different dub producer he is. Wouldn't know another name to compare with. Surely far away from the European dub output but because of his unique sound a very welcome alternation in between all the heavy steppers. Give it a try.' Burning Babylon is a one man Dub Reggae project from Boston, Massachusetts USA. Created by Slade Anderson, the heavyweight riddims of Burning Babylon's sound are firmly anchored in the 1970's Jamaican roots tradition, but with an ear for the neo dub stylings of the present day. I came to dub relatively late in my musical career. For 15 years I played guitar in various punk/metal bands in the Boston area, some of which you may be familiar with (The Freeze, Straw Dogs). Not surprisingly, the music I played mirrored what I listened to - loud and fast were the rules of my turntable. What reggae I did hear came via The Clash and, of course, Bob Marley. The word 'dub' had yet to enter my vocabulary. Although when I was still a teenager it had begun slowly creeping in around the edges, reggae stayed on the periphery of my listening experience for years to follow. During the mid 90s I began playing bass seriously for the first time. During this same period I also decided to investigate reggae more deeply. Since I was now primarily a bass player, focusing on music that was bass-oriented made sense. Wanting music that was more earthy and less slick than Marley or Tosh, I searched for albums that looked as though they might offer what I wanted. The first one I bought was Glen Brown and King Tubby: Termination Dub. To me, the cover looked as if the music was going to be pretty classic, grungy and authentic and I liked the title as well. Luckily I'd hit on exactly what I was in search of. It didn't take long for me to readjust the way I listened to music (with little or no vocals) to fully appreciate what I was hearing. Drums drenched in reverb, horns and guitars echoing into oblivion, and the most heavyweight bass I'd ever heard. It wasn't long before dub was stuck in my brain. Soon I was buying every album I could find to immerse myself in the music. Being a musician, I, of course, wanted to learn how to play this music that had so captured my attention. After a few weeks of wrestling with the rhythms, it finally 'clicked' and I recorded my first dub track. Burning Babylon was born. While I hope that I have my own unique take on dub, I've certainly been influenced by those that have come before me. Slade's words ring true, as the spirits of the usual suspects (King Tubby, Scientist, Lee 'Scratch') clearly loom large in the Burning Babylon studio.

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Artist: Burning Babylon
Title: Stereo Mash Up
Genre: International
Release Date: 6/7/2005
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637238022
UPC: 634479317385
Item #: SRD931738
This product is a special order