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Resident Alien

Resident Alien


~ C.A.C

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Product Notes

C.A.C. has such a bright future that they could turn night into day. Ever since the twist of fate that put the two on an airplane sitting next to one another, giving them the chance to connect, it has not been the same for the two emcees. With a fresh perspective, Mast Salvador and Pak (Mast & Pak) make up the Latin duo that raises the bar to the next level for all successful Southern rappers in Hip-Hop. Mast (Francisco Salmeron) & Pak (Marvin Aguilar) began rhyming together as members of a seven-man group called C-section in 1995. Within that group they developed their styles to become stand out artists. Since then the group grew apart, and in 1999 C.A.C. was born. Over the past three years, C.A.C. has evolved into one of the most talented up-and-coming groups in the region. Mast is a first generation American, whose family came from El Salvador, and Pak was born in Honduras. Individually, Mast & Pak have such distinct styles that they are in a way alien from one another, yet equally talented. As a duo they feed off one another in a manner that is impossible to ignore. Pak, with his intimidating presence, provides a sharp, realistic end with a powerful flow. Mast, with his animated deliveries is the metaphor master, who brings impassioned ruminations with unstoppable intensity. Both grew up in the musically drenched streets of New Orleans, attending schools and living in neighborhoods that were predominantly African American. Amidst the dominance of No Limit Records and Cash Money Millionaires, C.A.C. recreates New Orleans hip-hop to their own tune commanding respect amongst their peers. C.A.C. taps into the most potent energies and sounds of hip-hop, Classical music, and Latin music. Influences range from Biz Markie, Wu-Tang Clan, and Cash Money Millionaires to old 70's Spanish music and Merengue. Following their contribution to the critically acclaimed Renaissance Compilation and the release of their debut EP, VIVA!, C.A.C. is ready for an April 9, 2002 release of their first full length album, RESIDENTalien. It is so-called because of their placement in the city of New Orleans as hip-hop artists. Bounce and Rap has been established and has been apart of New Orleans' culture forever. As raised residents of the city that they love and have been influenced by, C.A.C. is something new and something different for New Orleans - alien if you will. Being raised under the influence of New Orleans' Bounce, Southern Rap, and Hip-Hop, C.A.C. brings music that the City is ready to embrace. This full-length album, is one that takes the listener through C.A.C.'s life trials and tribulations. Along side Face & Pistola of Abyss Theory, the hyper-innovated production team who provides their musical tracks, C.A.C. brings a style of progressive, urban oriented sounds that cater to the young generation of music listeners. Abyss Theory's production is as beat-savvy as the likes of Timbaland, Neptunes, or Earth Tone, but can also hit a street level sound reminiscent of DJ Premier. Add that to C.A.C. touching upon many themes ranging from love, lust, rage, pride, and nationalism with their prolific lyrical style and their club-bumping hooks, then you have the ingredients to numerous hit singles. Most notable is the lead single 'It Doesn't Matter.' This single's theme is simple - IT DOES NOT MATTER WHO YOU ARE - It doesn't matter what race, what gender, what creed, what color, or what religious preference, everybody is welcome to get down with, and enjoy everything about C.A.C. This track has been proven to be a crowd favorite. On the club tip, if a DJ wants to make everyone dance all he has to do is spin 'Call Me.' On another end, if that is not what the consumer wants, they can tune to either 'Tears & A Violin' or 'Scream' which are both guaranteed to make consumers nod their heads in excitement, and make their rides bump to these bass heavy tracks. Guest appearances by locally and nationally recognized artist such as Six Shot (Tommy Boy), DJ Raj Smoove (Psycho Ward), Heather Marie (Crowbar,BMG), Bionik (Renaissance), and RAS (Renaissance) make this album diverse and give it true identity. C.A.C.'s audience consists of fans of urban, popular, and progressive music in the Southeast, particularly in the hip-hop genre. The large fan base that has developed over the years in the hip-hop market here in the city of New Orleans has come to the forefront and crossed over all musical boundaries in terms of popularity. Since Hip-Hop is now seen as part of mainstream culture, our target audience includes all people from ages 14-26. With a solid following made up of many different races and ethnicities, their live performances are replete with waving arms, flying elbows, and beautiful women. As C.A.C. nears the point of immersion, it continues to hone it's craft, preparing itself for the world stage.

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Artist: C.A.C
Title: Resident Alien
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Release Date: 7/30/2002
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637239080
UPC: 675378011325
Item #: 132268X
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