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None More Red

None More Red


~ C. Ashleigh Caldwell

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'Watch out Meredith Brooks. Forget Jewel. Sorry Alanis Morrisette. There's a new girl in town that blows all these girls out of the water!' Rock City vol. 16 no 20 Ashleigh hales from the suburbs of Houston, TX where she began strumming Puff the Magic Dragon with her summer camp councilors when she was ten. Most at home on stage, she re-located to Hollywood after much soul searching on a cross country backpacking trip. She incorporates these and other experiences of life and love in her spirited, melodic, pop infused folk songs. Red guitar and harmonica in tow, Ashleigh truly shines on stage! Her crystal clear silvery voice and infectious positive energy keeps her devoted audiences rapt throughout each performance. All Access Magazine hales, 'Even stepping into a bluegrass feel for a tune, Ashleigh and company proved a wide range of talent. Vocally, she exhibited a fine span of highs and lows--never wandering off key. Her voice is smooth and true with subtle nuances.' Even with it's smooth tone, Ashleigh's voice still packs a punch that is powerful enough to reach the back row of Dodger Stadium. Think Joni Mitchell and Paula Cole meets the Indigo Girls. Ashleigh's debut CD, Moving to Hollywood, is a studio recording that captures the intimacy of one of Ashleigh's live acoustic shows. Featuring her original artwork, it exemplifies the just off the bus feeling of young hopefuls pursuing their dream of stardom. Her new release, None More Red (title inspired by the film This is Spinal Tap where their album cover was completely black. So black, in fact, that when asked how much more black it could be, one would reply, 'none.....none more black') showcases Ashleigh's comprehensive music styling featuring folk, blues, bluegrass, and quirky tunes backed by percussive instrumentation. All laying a 'solid, yet breathable foundation punctuated by incredible dynamics and feel'. -All Access Mag. Ashleigh still calls Hollywood home where she recently produced and performed benefit concert in support of the National AIDS Marathon (Ashleigh also completed the 26.2 mile Marathon!) She also headlined at AFTRON, a concert benefiting the victims of September 11th. She was a recent studio guest on 'Good Morning Cleveland' and just finished her first tour in TX! She can be seen regularly at Genghis Cohen, the Cat Club, Molly Malones, and fairs and festivals throughout Southern California. As Talent Magazine puts it,'It's worth checking out for yourself, to get enticed into the wonderful world of C. Ashleigh Caldwell's music!' WOW....Alright! Fans say... 'Your CD is luminous! I will follow the development of your music forever!' -M. Fischer 'I was unprepared for how moved I would be by your music and your presence on stage!' -Blaze Los Feliz, CA 'It is a unique experience listening to is like I am transported someplace else...a beautiful place!' -S. Kasun Orlando, FL 'Wow! You're great! And I'm not just saying that 'cause I'm your Mom...' -Mrs. Caldwell Random Ashleigh facts: * Ashleigh loves animals and has 2 cats a guinea pig and a hamster. Their names are Bella, Arius, Alex, and Little Dude. * She loves movie theater popcorn and, to her dismay, cannot refuse butter layered throughout the entire large bucket. * She practices yoga and other eastern philosophies. She prefers to 'go with the flow' in any situation and may be found levitating on occasion. * Ashleigh welcomes flowers and candy at her live shows, but not in that order. Thanks for supporting independent music!!

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Artist: C. Ashleigh Caldwell
Title: None More Red
Genre: Folk
Release Date: 6/1/2004
Label: CD Baby
Product Type: CD
Catalog #: 5637239045
UPC: 724101706226
Item #: CDBY06226
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